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Chocolate Chia Mousse

In Food & Recipes by Madison Mayberry1 Comment

When Ainsley was first born I realized very quickly that if I was going to be sleep-deprived, overwhelmed with new experiences and exhausted, then I better focus on eating well. I mean food is, at its core, all about fuel, so what better way to care for my body than to be mindful about what I was eating. A lot of people talk about the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating healthfully; I strive for that, too, but I’m … Read More

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Coffee & Cream Pops

In Food & Recipes by Madison Mayberry2 Comments

Living in Minnesota, the summer months are treasured more than in most areas of the country. I mean, we only get a few truly beautiful months each year so not taking full advantage would be a tragedy. Sure, Minnesota can be awfully cold, but when it’s beautiful? It’s pretty much the best of the best. And perhaps my favorite part about summer is the food. Frozen pops have always been a favorite sweet treat, and I love that people have … Read More

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GoMacro MacoBar Review & Giveaway

In Food & Recipes by Madison Mayberry35 Comments

Lately I’ve been on a snacking kick. Okay, let’s back-up. I’ve been on a snacking kick since little Miss Ainsley arrived on the scene. I’m in this terrible habit of eating super fast when I do get the chance to put something in my mouth and most of the time that’s not a full meal. A little snack here, a little bite of something there; it works for my busy schedule. So when the GoMacro team asked if I would … Read More