The Name Game: Update!

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Many of you will remember that a couple months ago I posted about my hesitancy to change my name after getting married. This post really stirred up quite a bit of feedback, and I thought it was time to share a little update on what I decided to do with my name. After that post went up, plenty of friends and family members were eager to share their advice on what they thought I should do. Some thought it was … Read More

No Fat Talk Tuesday: Katie’s Story

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Todays’ guest post comes to us from Katie Smith, a senior at the University of Maryland. I’m excited to have Katie share because she brings a unique perspective to No Fat Talk Tuesday, since she is still in college and dealing with her own set of stressors and pressures. Growing up with divorced parents, I can relate to the struggles that Katie dealt with growing up, and am happy to have her post today. – MadisonHey everyone! My name is … Read More

Key Lime Pie

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Hey, everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for awesome feedback on last Friday’s post. It was so refreshing to hear that I’m not the only one who struggles with feeling the pressure to do things perfectly. Sometimes we just need one another to remember how normal (or crazy!) we all truly are. Moving on to lighter, but still important, matters, like pie. When we were in Salt Lake City a couple weeks back, we … Read More

The Good, Bad and Ugly

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This morning I was planning on posting a few photos of our life over the past couple days: time spent with Nutter, a spontaneous date-night at home with homemade calzones, pictures of magazines I’ve been loving lately. But then earlier this week I started feeling the pressure. The pressure to do everything perfectly: to perform well at my job, to keep the house clean, the laundry done, to put good meals on the table, to be a happy, joyful spouse … Read More

Whole Wheat Waffles with Banana

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Chances are if you met me and we got to talking about kitchen appliances, I would tell you something about my waffle maker. Not about how much I love it, but about how little I use the thing. It’s not that I don’t love my waffle maker, since I most certainly do, it’s just that I never think to take it out on the weekends. Pancakes rule the roost in our little apartment. In fact, late on Friday night, you … Read More

Skiing Utah

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Joe and I took full advantage of the long weekend and met my family out in Salt Lake City for a little ski weekend. Here are a few shots from our trip! {Our view on the way up to the slopes.} {Mandatory airplane/travel shot!} {We stayed at The Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City. It was beautiful! The staff was helpful and attentive and the prices were reasonable. I would highly recommend it for anyone visiting SLC.} {We skied … Read More

No Fat Talk Tuesday: Justine’s Story

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Hey, everyone! Joey and I are back from skiing with my family in Salt Lake City over the long President’s Day weekend. While we settle back into a schedule and routine (and I catch up on laundry) I will leave you with today’s No Fat Talk Tuesday post. This week’s post comes to us from Justine who blogs over at Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One. Justine actually shared her story of how she learned to love her body … Read More

Healthier Strawberry Milkshakes

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Thank you all SO much for entering the J. Crew giveaway! A whopping 328 people entered and I wish I could give more than just one card away. That said, the winner of the giveaway is… Beth who said “I’m dying for a cute summer dress and shorts that can be dressed up!” Beth, please shoot me an email and I will get your gift on its way! Moving on, Joe and I traveled to visit my family this past … Read More

J. Crew Giveaway!

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Anyone who knows me well knows that I have an almost obsessive love for all things J. Crew. Walking into a J. Crew store is like a burst of sunshine, sort of like a grown-up version of Disneyland. So while this may not be a fashion blog, spring is just around the corner, and I thought one of you might be able to find a few uses for a gift card from my favorite store. One lucky reader will win … Read More

Coconut Caramel Blondies

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Happy ‘Day After Valentine’s Day,’ everyone! How did you spend yesterday? Joe and I aren’t much for fighting the crowds of people on February 14th. Instead, we opted to take Nutmeg on a walk when we got home, make dinner together (salmon, asparagus, garlic rye toast) and watch The Biggest Loser. Pretty great night if you ask me! Now moving on to matters related to blondies… Working for a publishing company, magazines, bookazines and cookbooks are never in short supply. … Read More

No Fat Talk Tuesday: Kristin’s Story

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I’m so excited for this week’s No Fat Talk Tuesday and that it happens to be on Valentine’s Day, too. What better day to focus on loving our bodies than today? Today’s post comes to us from Kristin Tigges. I first met Kristin about a year and a half ago. She was one of my mom’s ‘college girls’ through a mentor program at church. I wish Kristin and I lived closer and could spend more time together. Her joy for … Read More

Shopping and Saving: Part 2

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Thank you so much to everyone who weighed in on how they save money when grocery shopping! It was nice to hear that I’m not the only crazy person who grocery shops at two or even three different places in order to get the best deals. Last week I decided to commit myself to seeing how much I could save on our grocery budget if I put some real effort into it. Turning it into a challenge to see how … Read More