Birthday Gifts for Two Year Olds

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Hi Friends! Can you even believe that my little Hollace is TWO?! I had such a hard time last night accepting that I no longer have a baby under my roof. He is officially a “big boy,” but let’s be real, he is always going to be the baby in our family. 🙂

With him being the youngest, the gifts we got him are very much focused on toys that both he AND our bigger kids will enjoy. Knowing we won’t have more babies coming down the line to use these gifts means that I’m focused on toys he can grow into vs. toys he will quickly grow out of and pass down to younger siblings.

Here’s what I would recommend getting the two year olds in your life….

Tricycle/Strider Bike Hybrid
This is a new toy for us, but I’m excited to see Hollace put it to use! It’s a hybrid strider bike and tricycle that can be converted based on age and need. I’ve seen firsthand what a huge difference a strider bike makes in helping littles learn to ride a big kid bike without the need for training wheels! We have used this strider bike in the past!

Bluey Figurines and Houses
We have a bunch of these and they are the most played with toys we have owned! I swear my kids are almost all still playing with them regularly! Hollace got the Bluey Beach House to add to the collection this year. We also love the regular Bluey House and a bunch of other vehicles.

Organic Toddler Pillow
I’m admittedly totally paranoid about items in the crib with my littles. Hollace is still sleeping in just a sleep sack and nothing else. He is finally getting upgraded to a toddler pillow in his bed and this is the cutest sweet sized pillow!

Melissa and Doug Sandwich Shop
This sandwich shop is the cutest! We have always had really great luck with Melissa and Doug toys being favorites for years and years. We also have and love the Ice Cream Shop.

Toddler Crocs
He got a pair of crocs for this summer and they are so cute and practical!

KiwiCo Subscription
My mom has done this with the kids and they all LOVE them! They also get to do the KiwiCrates at my mom’s house for special one-on-one time. The older kids were so excited Hollace is old enough to do Kiwi Crates now!

Mud Kitchen
Full disclosure: We don’t have this but I’ve wanted a Mud Kitchen for the kids for the longest time. Maybe I would regret it?? But it seems like something we would get endless hours of play with.

Kids Push Lawn Mower
Hollace loves this toy so much. We have had it for years but Hollace is probably the kid who has loved it the most!