Clean Beauty


A few years ago I was at a personal low point. I had suffered two consecutive miscarriages, the doctors weren’t able to give me answers as to why the miscarriages were happening, and we were desperately looking into anything and everything that could help us get and stay pregnant. I realized that although I was doing everything right – eating clean, exercising, taking high-quality vitamins and using acupuncture – I was neglecting to look at what I was putting ON my body.

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? The personal care products and makeup you put on your body is absorbed by your skin and taken into the body through the blood stream. What you put on your body doesn’t just stay on your body, it goes into it, too.

I discovered Beautycounter products, a line of safe and effective skincare and makeup and never looked back. Beautycounter bans over 1,800 ingredients in their products and tests every batch of product to be sure that they are safe. Not only do I have the best skin of my life, I also have complete confidence knowing that the products I’m using are good for my body, skin and overall health. Now our whole family uses Beautycounter products and I have complete peace of mind about the products we are all using.

Interested in ordering or have questions you want answered? I would love to help customize your Beautycounter experience and find the right products for your skin type and lifestyle. E-mail me ( or check out the full product line-up here.