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Home Renovation :: Kitchen Mood Board

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We are well into our home renovation now (yay!) and I am so excited about seeing it all come together. You can view our Master Bathroom Inspiration Board and Kids Bath Inspiration Boards for previous posts on our renovation. And now we are moving on to the kitchen! Since we are using the existing cabinets, I felt a bit limited in terms of what colors I could do with the cabinets. We opted for a creamy white to add brightness … Read More

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Winter Skincare Guide

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The weather has been SO cold in my neck of the woods (and in most parts of the country, honestly!) which means I’ve been switching up my skincare a bit in order to compensate. My skin is naturally dry and cold winter weather doesn’t help. Here is my current winter skincare line-up and how I’m incorporating each product into my routine. Note: I know it might seem like a lot of products/steps but the layering it really where the magic … Read More

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My Supplement/Wellness Routine in 2024

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SUPPLEMENT LINE UPPure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate There are so many different kinds of magnesium it can be really overwhelming to know where to start. Magnesium Glycinate helps with sleep, anxiety, athletic performance and cardiovascular health. Seed Daily Synbiotic Hands down my favorite supplement addition in 2023. This has helped both my digestion and gut health (no more bloated belly or stomach pain) but also helped normalize and regulate my periods which had been very heavy after having my last two … Read More