About Me


Hi, friends! My name is Madison Mayberry Hofmeyer. I live in a very small town in Iowa with my husband, Joe, and our three kids, Ainsley, Collins, and Truett. I've been blogging in this space since 2009, which seems like a lifetime ago. What started as a food and recipe site has evolved over the years into a journal encompassing all aspects of living a whole + healthy life. 

As many of my longtime readers know, we struggled to start a family and suffered through multiple miscarriages. Even though we have three beautiful children now, my heart is always near to those that are struggling to grow their family. You can read all of my posts on miscarriage and infertility HERE.

Five years ago I left my full-time job as a food editor and recipe developer when we moved from Minneapolis to Iowa and jumped into the world of freelance writing. During that time, a little upstart company called Beautycounter came onto my radar. What started as a small hobby has now become my full-time gig, helping people make safer choices about the skincare, makeup, and personal care products they use. If you're interested in Beautycounter, you can find out more HERE.

Thank you for spending some time with me! I hope you'll leave this space feeling encouraged and filled up.