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March Mom Edit :: What I’m Loving Now

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At nearly 34 weeks pregnant, is it safe to say that I’m in the home stretch? I’m certainly embracing that mentality, and the products I’m sharing about below have been making my life a little more glamorous and bearable during the last month and a half of pregnancy. Here’s what I’ve been loving lately… I took a break from regular fixes for a while, but scheduling a maternity Stitch Fix at 30 weeks was a fantastic way to get excited about … Read More

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Pregnancy Body Image :: The Second Time Around

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Pregnancy is a gift. I’ve reminded myself of that more than a few times during this pregnancy. The thing is, I have had a wonderful pregnancy thus far. When I get asked how I’m feeling this time around, I can without hesitation answer “great!” because I really do feel good. Sleep has been amazing, I don’t have any major aches and pains and our pregnancy has been very uneventful. I’ve also been able to stay active, much more so than … Read More

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A Quick Florida Trip

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Two weeks ago my dad called me up on the phone and asked if we would meet them in Florida for a very quick long weekend. They are staying for the entire week (my aunt lives in the Orlando area) since my little sister has spring break this week, but since we’re saving Joe’s vacation days for when baby arrives, we really couldn’t swing more than a long weekend. Although the trip wasn’t planned, and we’re getting close to the … Read More

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NW Iowa Fertility and OB Practitioner Guide

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After Ainsley was born, I did a full post on all the doctors and health professionals I used and loved through our fertility journey and pregnancy/birth. Now that we have moved and are located in a different town and state, I thought it was time to do the same thing for the new providers we love and trust in case others are looking for a doctor or care provider. When we moved to our small town I was worried about finding … Read More

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I’m Thankful for the Hard Weeks

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Last week Monday Joe and I had just returned from our trip out to California and I was looking forward to digging into a new week. Fresh off our trip, I had so many good ideas I planned to translate into work and great food finds I wanted to blog about. In my new schedule Mondays are always my at-home days with Ainsley. We go to music class, grab coffee, and do things like run errands, laundry, etc. But Monday … Read More

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a day in the life :: pregnancy eats edition

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I’ve documented some of my daily eats on the blog in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a pregnancy edition. Even while pregnant, I still eat like a robot most days, sticking to the same general rotation of foods. Dinner is usually the most varied meal from day to day, but breakfast, lunch and snacks are usually pretty similar. Here’s a look at what a typical day in the third trimester looks like for me: BREAKFAST I usually … Read More