Our Family Wall Organization System

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I am (ahem) not the most organized person in all areas of my life. I’m what I would like to call “selectively organized” where I can be organized in one area but struggle with organization in other areas. Usually paperwork and things related to the home/kids/school/etc. tend to struggle.

As we have moved back into the upstairs of our home after our renovation is that it’s MUCH easier to stay organized if you put a good system in place to start with. My mom helped totally organize and plan out every bit of our kitchen and now that everything has a clearly defined place it’s so much easier to keep that system going.

We didn’t have a place for all of our paperwork/drop zone type situation in the newly renovated kitchen so we made use of some wall space and put this system in place to stay organized. My mom found the most amazing hanging wall system (she customized ours for us but there are lots of customizable options on their site!) and wall baskets to manage our family’s mail/bills/paperwork as well as the kids school work/important papers/reminders.

I LOVE how it turned out. It’s already become such a functional piece for our family. The kids spellling words, classroom reminders and important art that needs to be filed away has a place and we have a spot dedicated to incoming mail that needs to be sorted, another spot for outgoing mail that needs to be mailed, and a larger hanging file for important documents that we need to file away or review. The kids have largely taken over the white board with their own drawings and notes to one another. 🙂

Links below for the items we used! Such an easy + cute + functional way to stay organized!

Hanging Baskets
Customizable Wall Organizers
Bin Name Labels