Warm Balsamic-Poppy Seed Salad

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The snow is everywhere here and it is cold, very cold. I’m positive that no matter how many Iowa winters I endure, I will never truly grow accustomed to temperatures that dip into the negatives. I’m convinced if New Year’s were to fall during June or July, when temperatures are sweltering, resolving to eat healthier and lighter fare would be much easier than in January when you live in an only slightly milder version of the North Pole. The Iowa … Read More

Green Detox Smoothie

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Thanksgiving and Christmas have passed, and my guess is that many of you are in need of a break. A break from butter and sugar and almost anything sweet that comes out of an oven, only to be covered in icing and powdered sugar or topped with whipped cream (and maybe even a break from family). So while I have a delicious oatmeal-coconut cookie recipe to share and a fruit pie that is to die for, I’m moving on to … Read More

Outstanding Christmas Butter Cookies

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I didn’t intend to leave the blog unintended over the past week, what with it being the peak of Christmas cookie season and all, but this past week has left practically no time for baking, and almost everything I’ve eaten has been take-out, from a restaurant, or a box of cereal. Hardly worth blogging about. What has been keeping me so busy? A little thing called graduation and all that goes with it: family visiting from Florida and moving into … Read More

Green Goddess Pasta

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There’s something undeniably sexy about pasta of any and every sort. In my opinion, it’s the sexiest of all foods, far surpassing the usual suspects: oysters, caviar, champagne. Maybe it’s because for me pasta has always been a bit of a ‘forbidden’ food. But truly, pasta can be delicious and healthy. Case in point? Green Goddess Pasta. The base of this dish is 100% whole wheat spinach pasta, but any pasta would work just fine. One of my favorite tricks … Read More

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For the past couple days I’ve had my previous post on what I’m thankful for on my mind. Maybe it’s residual feelings from Thanksgiving, the anticipation of Christmas, or a bit of both. Truth is, Christmas always makes me all nostalgic – especially nights like tonight when welcoming in the first big blizzard of winter. To be able to sit in a warm house, wrapped in a blanket, drinking Reindeer Blend coffee while thinking and writing about food – not … Read More


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Coming off a weekend spent with my mom and aunt shopping for furniture to go into my new apartment come January (yay!) I was reminded countless times of how blessed I am. To have a supportive, loving family that is helping me get on my feet as I prepare to graduate and taking the necessary steps to insure I don’t have to sleep on the floor in my new apartment! Not to mention the wonderful friends and co-workers I am … Read More

Videos, Holidays, and Exams! Oh my!

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Today I am writing my apology, to be extended to all you readers for the next three weeks. Though as Christmas approaches I would like nothing more than to be drinking coffee, listening to Christmas music, watching Elf, and baking all types of goodies to share here, I’m sad to report those things will have to wait until December 18th – the highly anticipated, feared, and welcomed day when I graduate from college! Immediately afterward, I plan on getting back … Read More