Videos, Holidays, and Exams! Oh my!

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Today I am writing my apology, to be extended to all you readers for the next three weeks. Though as Christmas approaches I would like nothing more than to be drinking coffee, listening to Christmas music, watching Elf, and baking all types of goodies to share here, I’m sad to report those things will have to wait until December 18th – the highly anticipated, feared, and welcomed day when I graduate from college! Immediately afterward, I plan on getting back on the blogging bandwagon and commit myself to posting plenty of holiday deliciousness.

But in order to graduate, I really must get back to all the homework, reading, and test preparation that stand between me and the third week in December. To tide you over, I am posting the links to a few of the first videos I did for Better Homes and Gardens “100 Days of Holidays,” which I think might get the Christmas spirit flowing. Enjoy!