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My Daily Top 4

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While I love playing around with makeup and changing up my look for special occasions, the products I use on a daily basis rarely change. With a busy 17-month-old running around the house while I try to get ready, I hardly have more than 5 minutes to do my makeup and maybe another 5 to do my hair before the day begins. It’s a fast and furious rush to get put together before the babysitter arrives. Any mommas relate? Almost … Read More

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Yes, I sell things. You probably do, too.

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Hello, my name is Madison and I sell things on the internet. And in person, too, but for the sake of this blog post, we’re going to focus on the business of selling things on the internet through direct sales (also known as MLM or “pyramid schemes” for the most cynical, and uninformed, out there.) For years I said that being involved in direct sales of any type was just not for me. Nope. Never. I didn’t want to leverage … Read More

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Thriving in the Chaos of Motherhood

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Confession time: I’ve never been someone who functions particularly well in a state of chaos. Raised primarily as an only-child, I’ve always been accustomed to a specific level and amount of quiet in my everyday. An introverted extrovert, I’ve always needed my own space to unwind and adored a quiet, tidy house at the end of the day. And then motherhood happened, and maintaining my sense of balance, order and peace became a whole lot harder. If I’m being honest, … Read More

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KEEP Collective // Memory Piece

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It seems fitting that the week I shared about finding hope in miscarriage over at Risen Motherhood, I would also share about a piece of jewelry that honors our babies, both living and in heaven. Holly Peterman, a designer with KEEP Collective, reached out a few months ago about working together to create a custom piece of jewelry, and after some thought I knew what I wanted to create. After some back and forth with Holly, who was super helpful mocking … Read More

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Denim Shorts for Moms

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I know we’re already half way through the summer, but it took me about that long to find good shorts for summertime. Now that I’m a mom, I feel like there is a little bit more of an obligation to dress with a bit more modesty, but I’m not about to hang up my denim cut-offs in favor of Bermuda shorts. I’m sorry, I just can’t. So, I’ve scoured the internet for the best shorts, asked you for recommendations, and … Read More