Yes, I sell things. You probably do, too.

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Hello, my name is Madison and I sell things on the internet. And in person, too, but for the sake of this blog post, we’re going to focus on the business of selling things on the internet through direct sales (also known as MLM or “pyramid schemes” for the most cynical, and uninformed, out there.) For years I said that being involved in direct sales of any type was just not for me. Nope. Never. I didn’t want to leverage my network to promote and sell products on the internet or anywhere else. I had seen people do the same thing time and time again, coming off as spammy and pushy and lacking authenticity in what they said and it turned me off.

But on the flip side, I saw people, like my sister-in-law and a handful of friends, who had amazing success sharing about products they loved and building sustainable, flexible businesses and my heart craved doing the same thing.

There was only one problem. I hadn’t found a company that I loved and believed in enough to promote or share about with those in my circle. I knew that if I was going to do direct sales, I needed to do it right, with a company that I loved and products I believed in and would buy myself, even without a consultant discount or other incentives.

And then I found Beautycounter. I purchased their products for almost a year before becoming a consultant, using the skincare and makeup, falling more and more in love with the products over time.

Over the last couple months I’ve seen a lot of posts flying around the internet. “Dear MLM friend, I don’t want to buy your products.” You’ve seen them, too. And I get it! I’ve been approached by completely random people who tried to friend me on Facebook only to sell me product, and that feels icky. There’s no other way to say it. I don’t believe in feigning friendship to garner sales. Ever. It undercuts authenticity, your business and who you are as a person. Direct sales doesn’t, nor should it, ever be done that way.

But here’s the thing: Most of us are selling or promoting something around the clock. Whether you work in corporate America, like I did for many years, participate in direct sales, own an Etsy shop, blog and post Amazon affiliate links, or run a small business in your town, you’re promoting and marketing a product all day long. I used to work for a packaged goods company and spent my days promoting their products. Now I work for Beautycounter and am blessed to share with others about safer skincare, makeup and personal care products that my whole family uses and loves dearly. Is it more direct? Yes. But is it really any different? Not really.

Before I became a mom I was a little rougher around the edges. Less compassionate. Quicker to judge. I had ideas of how things should be done and how they shouldn’t, and I wasn’t very open to changing my mind about those things.

Eating your words? Well it’s never very fun, but I’ve done a lot of that over the years. But after seeing how Beautycounter has changed my life – both professionally and personally – I’m so thankful that I didn’t let that stand in my way! I’ve developed friendships with the women on my team who come from all over the country. I’ve seen our savings account for a new car grow by leaps and bounds. I’ve never felt more excited and passionate about going to work each and every day. How many people can say that?

So thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me on this journey. To the women who have joined my growing team of consultants and are sharing about Beautycounter authentically and encouraging me to become better every day. To the friends who “like” my Beautycounter posts on Facebook even if they aren’t interested in purchasing product. To the people who cheer people like me on, without a hint of snark or cynicism. You all are the best of the best. Thanks for making the internet a better place.