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Pregnancy Skincare Faves

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Pregnancy skincare was one of the biggest mysteries to be prior to getting pregnant. I had absolutely no idea what products were off-limits and was blind to the fact that some of my favorite acne-fighting products weren’t considered approved or recommended for pregnancy. Unfortunately, when you remove some of those products, paired with the extra pregnancy hormones running through your system, you have a recipe for serious skin disaster and breakouts galore. Thankfully my breakouts have been on the milder … Read More

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DIY Idea: Baby’s Nursery Letter

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A few months ago my mom sent me a handful of inspiration photos for our little one’s nursery. I immediately fell in love with the idea of writing our baby a letter and placing it above the crib in our nursery. The original inspiration photo I saw featured a canvas that was handwritten/painted by the parents, but since I wasn’t super confident in my handwriting skills I decided to make the canvas digitally and have it printed on a canvas. … Read More

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24 Weeks

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How far along are you? 24 weeks 3 days Cravings? Still nothing new or exciting to report here! I think Joe actually wishes that I had some sort of unique or interesting craving since you hear so many funny stories from other people. I’ve been eating a lot of string cheese, yogurt and baked potatoes this week, along with pizza, which continues to be my favorite pregnancy food. Thankfully veggies are still my friend, so there has been a fair share of kale, … Read More

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Stitch Fix October Review

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It’s that time again! Another Stitch Fix review. I’ve been a bit delayed in getting this review up, but I’m excited to share what I received in last month’s box. I had a pretty off-base fix for the month of September, and I was happy to see that this month they matched me back up with the same stylist I’ve had for a while. I was also super excited to hear that Stitch Fix now carries a limited amount of … Read More

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23 Weeks

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How far along are you? 23 weeks 2 days Cravings? Still no real cravings. I continue to prefer salty over sweet and have found that a few items I never ate in the past have made their way into my diet. Take, for example, the fact that I had my first hot dog (a very expensive organic, nitrate-free, grass fed hot dog, that is) in YEARS and it tasted amazing. I’ve continued to love juice like orange juice and grapefruit juice and fruit … Read More

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Sweet and Salty Roasted Brussels Sprouts

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Can we talk side dishes? I’ll be the first to admit that when planning meals during the week, I think about dishes more commonly thought of as “sides” (mainly veggie and grain sides) as the building blocks for my meals before I think about anything else. It seems to be a way for us to focus on eating whole, healthy foods and makes the meat of our meals a supplement rather than the star of the show. These Brussels sprouts … Read More