Happy New Year!

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Hundreds of cupcakes baked. Red velvet, chocolate and vanilla. I’m thinking that the last eight hours of baking have made up for the lack of cooking I’ve done over the past week. Unless you count pouring milk into a cereal bowl or spreading peanut butter on toast. I feel like this last week, and the entirety of 2010, has gone by way too fast. In some ways, I’m not sure I want it to end. It seems impossible that 2011 … Read More

Monster Cookies

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Gosh I’ve missed you all! Over the past few days I’ve fallen off the face of the earth and into the hole known as family Christmas (all four of them!). In other news, I’m taking the entire week of to be with family and friends. I haven’t exercised in days, eaten a few too many sweets, and have yet to get out of pajamas this morning. Send help. And finally. I wish I had this recipe for Monster Cookies from … Read More

Wedding Wednesday

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Since I got such positive responses about sharing wedding details as decisions are made, I have a few more specifics coming your way right…now! After plenty of searching, both in stores and online, and buying (following by returning) the wrong dresses, we finally purchased bridesmaid dresses! I say ‘finally’ but really, I think we are slightly ahead of the game. Sticking to a budget and knowing I wanted to stick to a neutral color palette made it a little more … Read More

Zucchini Spaghetti and a Winner

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  Happy Monday, everyone! First things first, let me say how much I loved hearing you all talk about what you’re thankful for. Each and every time I read one of your comments it brought a smile to my face and made me think a little more about being thankful in my own life. I really do have the world’s best readers.  Secondly, a big congrats is due to Courtney Hughes, the winner of the Trader Joe’s Peanut Flour giveaway! … Read More

Peanut Flour Pancakes and Giveaway

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I’ve had a bit of a crazy week at work. It seems as if everyone is working extra hard, making the final push until Christmas. Paired with a company Christmas party and a couple coffee dates, the closest I’ve gotten to making dinner for myself has been opening up a yogurt container. But even on those days when I don’t have time to cook dinner, I find time to make a killer breakfast. It’s always been my favorite meal of … Read More

Mint Hot Chocolate Cookies

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I’m thinking of turning Monday mornings into a time for weekly wedding updates. Everyone okay with that? Mmmkay good. What’s become very evident to me over the past week and a few days is that I’m a very decisive bride. One who doesn’t dilly-dally over decisions in the least bit. And since Joey and I didn’t want a long engagement, it works out well. Decisions Made:*Date: July 9!*Ceremony and reception locations: Check!*Dress and veil: Check and Check! In other news, … Read More

Quick Spinach Manicotti

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If you are anything like me, you’re a little crunched for time. Whether you’re a mom trying to meal-plan for the week, a student preparing for finals or an editor planning a wedding – time is tight. During the weeknight, after a trip to the gym and a shower, I rely on meals like this. It’s enough to feed a family one night or a couple people for multiple nights. Me? I ate my way through this over the course … Read More


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This year has pretty much knocked me off my feet. Over the past twelve months my life has changed in such remarkable ways that it’s hard to remember what things were like at this time last December. There was a new relationship, a graduation from college and my first big-girl apartment. Falling in love while trying to figure out just what it was that I hoped to do with my life. No one really prepares you for how difficult it … Read More

Iced Eggnog Cookies

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Did you hear that this week has been declared cookie week? Well now you know and we can get to baking! I’m not entirely sure who named it cookie week. Though I do suspect that The Pioneer Woman had something to do with it. I realize I’m a bit late partaking in cookie week festivities. But just because cookie week is almost over doesn’t mean the baking needs to stop. In fact, it’s just begun. A few weeks back while … Read More

25 Christmas Challenges

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I know it’s only the second day of December, but I can already feel that my holiday spirit is lagging a bit. Not getting to partake in tree decorating with my mom and my sad selection of Christmas music, paired with the fact that I don’t have any Christmas traditions of my own may have more than a little to do with my attitude.  So this morning, when I was catching up on a little blog-reading, I was inspired by … Read More