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Face Shapes and Makeup

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When it comes to makeup, I will be the first to tell you that I know very little. I rarely mix-up my look, I tend to stick with the same neutral eye shadow for work and special occasions, and the idea of lip color scares me to death. I think my experience with wearing too much makeup in middle school really scarred me for life. Sure, I wear makeup most days, but I don’t wear much. I’ve always wanted to … Read More

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Merry Merry! Christmas 2013 Recap

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How was your Christmas, friends? I’ll admit, having to travel home from Iowa back to Minnesota on Christmas afternoon/evening wasn’t ideal, but it’s nice to be back home with a couple days to myself while Joe is back at the office. I love spending concentrated time with family, and I was super sad to have to leave so soon, but being the introvert that I am, I tend to get burned out easily. We have another busy weekend ahead, so … Read More

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Red Velvet Mini Cheesecakes

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Merry (almost) Christmas, friends! I hope you’re enjoying at least a couple days away from work with your family and friends. I’m doing a lot of lounging in pajamas and celebrating 5 (!!) Christmases in 6 days, so we’ve been pretty busy! But there has also been plenty of time to sleep in, spend time lounging around with family and doing lots of cuddling with the pups. My idea of a good time for sure. And, in case you’re looking … Read More

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Christmas Open House 2013

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Sunday night we hosted a Christmas open house! It wasn’t anything big or elaborate, but I’m incredibly thankful that my momma, the woman with an eye for design and entertaining, made the trip up to help prepare for our party. I can always manage on the food front, but I’ll be honest, I always feel much more relaxed when my mom is around to help with decorating and setting things up in just the right way. Also! We brought Pippa … Read More

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Marshmallow Creme Thumbprint Cookies

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This weekend the weather finally warmed up a bit! Okay, so when I say it warmed up, I mean the high was in the 20’s instead of -2, but you would be amazed at how warm 20 degrees feels after a week of weather in the negatives! The warmer weather meant that I wanted to get out and about rather than hibernate in my house, so Joe and I decided to bring cookies to our neighbors, along with a Christmas … Read More

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Christmas Cards on a Budget

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If you’re anything like me, chances are you love Christmas cards. I think sending Christmas cards is one of my favorite traditions this time of year, along with receiving cards from friends and loved ones. It’s always so fun to check the mail during the month of December! Since Joe and I have been married, I’ve used various card services (like Pinhole Press, Tiny Prints and Minted) to create our Christmas cards. It’s easy and the cards are beautiful, so … Read More

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Food Blogger Cookie Swap: Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing (plus a chocolate version!)

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Happy Cookie Day! Once again I took part in the Food Blogger Cookie Swap with a bunch of other amazing bloggers. The funds raised from the cookie swap goes toward kids cancer research. Cookies and a great cause? I’m in! If you want to participate in next year’s swap, you can sign up for updates here. I’ve actually been really behind on baking cookies and desserts this year. Christmas just came up way too fast this year! We’re having a … Read More

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Blogger Clothing Swap: Post #2

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A few weeks ago I told you about a clothing swap I did with a few of my favorite bloggers turned real-life friends, Justine and Kayla. Well, the items they sent my way arrived and I’ve taken note of my first impressions below. Next week I’ll be sharing the final installment in this series, where I share how I styled each item. But for now, you’ll have to settle for a sneak peak! What I Thought of Justine’s Items Item … Read More

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Breakfast Oat Bran

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Can you believe your eyes? A recipe to share today? It’s been too long! I have been meaning to get a post up sooner, but winter has already impacted my blogging schedule with the lack of light and lack of time around the holiday season. We had our first big snowfall this week and I’m already looking forward to summer! I’ve been meaning to share about oat bran for quite a while. Six or seven months ago I started swapping … Read More

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Developing a Mail Organization System

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A few weeks ago I read a great post by Emily about the system she created for controlling paper and keeping her home neat and organized. Since we moved into our house I’ve been searching for a way to organize our mail but haven’t found anything that really worked for more than a couple days. After a week, I was back to square one with a giant pile of paper sitting on my office desk once again. Ideally, I would sort through … Read More