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Help! Style Me…

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Espresso and Cream has never been, and will never be, predominantly a fashion blog. I have too many bad hair days and not enough items in my wardrobe. But I do enjoy posting fashion photos when I find an outfit or item of clothing that I think other readers might love, too. Last week, I got sucked into the clothing section of Target over my lunch break and bough this shirt on a whim. I was feeling frumpy, having a … Read More

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My Top 10 Most Frequently Made Recipes

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Do you ever read blogs and wonder what recipes the author behind the blog actually makes time and time again? I do more times than I can count. Since most food blogs tend to be an endless parade of new and exciting dishes, it seems as if every night’s a dinner party where no recipe is made twice. But I know better than to believe that. My guess is that a lot of food bloggers default to a select few … Read More

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Vegan Split Pea Soup

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One of my all-time favorite items from Trader Joe’s is their Organic Split Pea Soup. I was never a big fan of split pea soup before I discovered TJ’s version, but it didn’t take me long to become hooked. It contains just a handful of ingredients, is ultra-thick and satisfying and an entire can of this soup contains just 150 calories. More often than not, you’ll find a few cans stashed away in our pantry for a quick weeknight dinner … Read More

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My 5 Things: Jenn Mietla

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WHO: Jenn Mietla WHAT: Grad Student in Biochemistry WHERE: Virginia BIO: Hi everyone!  My name is Jenn Mietla and I am currently living in Richmond, Virginia though I am originally from North Carolina.  I am married to my wonderful husband Daniel, and I am in graduate school working towards a Ph.D. in Biochemistry.  I don’t have a blog yet – but I absolutely love reading them! 1. My husband: My husband makes me feel beautiful every day.  He’s keeps me … Read More

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Beautiful (Weekend) Things

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I have a board on Pinterest called “Just Beautiful” where I pull all the things I find that I love simply because they are, well, beautiful. There really is no reason in particular that I have this board, other than the fact that beauty in all shapes and forms is inspiring, isn’t it? Unfortunately, sometimes I forget to see the beauty that I’m surrounded by every single day. Of course, that’s not to say my life is one big walk … Read More

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New Favorites

In Fashion by Madison Mayberry11 Comments

jeans: banana republic outlet premium denim skinnies | shoes: banana republic outlet | shirt: target | cardigan: j. crew Ladies, let’s talk about shopping for jeans. I know, some of you might be groaning at the thought of shopping for new jeans after wearing skirts and dresses all summer, but I’ve got good news. Last weekend I discovered flattering, comfortable and affordable jeans. I think Banana Republic Outlet should start sponsoring my posts (the don’t, just to be clear) with … Read More

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Experimenting with Organic

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Typically, I pride myself on being a pretty good grocery shopper. Although Joe and I spend a decent amount of money on groceries each week ($100/wk), I like to think that it’s a pretty great bang for our buck considering the quality and healthfulness of the items we purchase. Each Saturday morning, I sit with my computer and compare the sales fliers of the two local grocery stores we shop at (HyVee and Fareway for you Midwesterners) to decide what … Read More

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Small-Batch Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies with Almonds

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I’m sure you all already know this, but my friend Christina has an fabulous blog that is dedicated to all things dessert, scaled down in size to feed two people. What a great idea, right? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to do some baking but stopped myself because I didn’t really want two dozen cookies or an entire cake sitting around my kitchen, tempting me for days on end. Christina has remedied this with her creative, … Read More

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What I Wear: My Husband’s Observations

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Last week I was browsing through my Google Reader (man, I start a lot of stories like this…) when I came across a post on Sarah’s blog that really caught my attention. Sarah had read a couple other posts by bloggers about dressing like a blogger vs. dressing for their husbands. The blogger Sarah mentioned had husbands with some pretty strong opinions about their fashion choices, which got me thinking about what I wear and what Joe thinks about what … Read More

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My 5 Things: Cassandra Jones

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WHO: Cassandra Jones WHAT: Massage Therapy College Student WHERE: Idaho BLOG: Brussels Sprout Blog My name is Cassandra, and I hail from the dessert reaches of the Southwest, though my heart is permanently and irrevocably planted in the state of Idaho. I’m currently a first-time college student in pursuit of my massage therapy license, a soon-to-be fiance planning a wedding to my true love (Princess Bride, anyone?), and an administrative assistant for a non-profit agency that helps abuse survivors. 1. … Read More

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Pumpkin-Bran Pancakes

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To say that I’ve been obsessed with making bran muffins is probably an understatement. Just ask my husband. Ever since making my first batch of these muffins, I’ve been experimenting every few days with new mix-ins and flavor combinations. Joe and I both eat them frequently for breakfast, and I find that they make a great mid-afternoon or pre-workout snack. Basically, I love them, in case you couldn’t tell. If you haven’t made them yet, I would strongly suggest giving … Read More

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Cinnamon Pear Pie

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It’s not often that I get the hankering to spend a few hours on the weekend making a pie, but when I do my husband is overjoyed. You see, when I asked Joe what type of cake he wanted for his birthday, he told me he wanted me to bake a pie instead. Is it any wonder that we had pie at our wedding instead of cake? Since I’m a big believer in celebrating birthdays for the entire week leading … Read More