Help! Style Me…

In Fashion by Madison Mayberry16 Comments

Espresso and Cream has never been, and will never be, predominantly a fashion blog. I have too many bad hair days and not enough items in my wardrobe. But I do enjoy posting fashion photos when I find an outfit or item of clothing that I think other readers might love, too. Last week, I got sucked into the clothing section of Target over my lunch break and bough this shirt on a whim. I was feeling frumpy, having a horrible hair day, and this shirt was calling my name. Do you know those days?

The problem is, when I got the shirt home I had no idea how to wear it. I’ve tried putting it into an outfit in a couple different ways, but when i see it in photos, I think it looks horrible, large and unflattering (hence the belt in these photos, though I don’t think that’s right either…)

So I’m putting it out there to you: How would you style this shirt?

I feel like it has potential, it just needs to be unlocked. And I don’t have the key.