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Holiday Pilates

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  My friend Robin is a pilates instructor and founder of The Balanced Life. I’ve mentioned Robin before, but it bears repeating that she has one of the most balanced, authentic voices in the fitness community. A balanced approach to fitness during the holidays? Now that’s something I can get behind. And while I love the sweet treats and celebratory foods that come with the season, my goal come January is to feel fit and healty while also feeling like … Read More

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My Heart is Heavy

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For the last couple months (while we were moving and living with my mom before we closed on our house, and moving into our new house) we sort of just took a break from watching the news. It wasn’t intentional, but our life was so crazy busy that we sort of got out of our typical routine of watching the nightly news and a bit of news in the morning. But then we moved into our home and re-established our … Read More

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Diaper Bag Dilemma – Solved!

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I’ve always had a thing for pretty purses and handbags. For as long as I can remember, it’s been my go-to indulgence accessory. That is, until I became a mom. I dutifully committed to carrying a very traditional diaper bag when Ainsley was born, because most of the pretty, fashionable diaper bags I looked at just didn’t seem very functional. And while I might love fashion, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice function with a little one in tow. While I … Read More

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Let’s Talk Postpartum Hair

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I was prepared for a lot of the typical things about the postpartum stage of life, but I was completely unprepared for postpartum hair. Sure, friends told me you would lose a lot of hair after having a baby, but I guess I didn’t really understand that the hair you lost would eventually grow back in. And the regrowth, you guys? It’s about 100x worse than the hair loss! After I quit breastfeeding the hair loss began. The thick, amazing … Read More

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I’m breaking up with Target.

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Photo via Unsplash I’ve been thinking a lot about my new small town life lately. Needless to say, moving from Minneapolis to small town Iowa has been a big change. Sure, I grew up in this small town, but living in a community as a child vs. an adult is a totally different ball game. I’ve phoned my mom a dozen times asking where to get/do certain things. Where do you drop off dry cleaning? (Answer: Joe’s TV and Appliance, … Read More

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Quick and Easy No-Bake Pumpkin Cookies

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No-bake cookies, the kind with cocoa and oats and sugar, are a favorite in our house. They’re easy, tasty and store well for quite a while, which is important when your home crew of cookie eaters is small. I remember my mom telling me stories of how her mom would make these cookies, and the idea of continuing on with that tradition makes me smile. I don’t make no-bake cookies all that often, but when I do they’re always a … Read More

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Ainsley Update: 8 Months

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I have pretty much fallen off the monthly update bandwagon completely, but since I talk a lot about motherhood and Ainsley, I thought it was time to give a little update. Although I don’t think I’ll resume monthly updates, my plan is to check in from time to time with all things Ainsley. Development Ainsley has been doing so many new things lately! She is now confidently crawling around the house (she started crawling about a month ago) and pulling … Read More

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New Mom Style :: Comfy Casual {+ a giveaway!}

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Jeans from Madewell :: Sweater from Anthropologie :: Shoes from Tieks :: Legend Pendant Necklace c/o Kim Jensen :: Aurora Ring Set c/o Kim Jensen :: Deja Vu Pearl Studs c/o Kim Jensen Curating a practical mom-drobe has changed the way I shop. Because I’m toting a messy, drooly baby around town half of the day, my clothes rarely make it through the day without a few spots and stains, meaning dry clean only items are a thing of the … Read More