My Heart is Heavy

In Family by Madison Mayberry4 Comments


For the last couple months (while we were moving and living with my mom before we closed on our house, and moving into our new house) we sort of just took a break from watching the news. It wasn’t intentional, but our life was so crazy busy that we sort of got out of our typical routine of watching the nightly news and a bit of news in the morning.

But then we moved into our home and re-established our routine. And the terror attacks in Paris happened and I found myself gripped by the day’s news night after night. Facebook exploded with opinions and articles and information about all that had transpired, and I found myself increasingly anxious about ISIS and terrorism and the state of the world that my child would inherit one day when she is an adult.

Does anyone else feel heavy about that, too?

I know and believe that we worship a God that is bigger than any of these issues, and that the brokenness of this world only magnifies the glory that awaits us in heaven. But sometimes my mind gets transfixed on the practical, everyday battles, pain and struggles that exist on this earth.

Our world is so very broken. And although I’m tempted to think that it’s just our time and age that’s broken, I think back and imagine our ancestors must have felt the same way during the days of WWI and WWII and countless other tragedies and trying times.

I’m weary from people telling my my opinion is wrong or that it’s not valid or doesn’t match up with theirs, but more than that, I’m weary from having an opinion all together. In this day and age of Facebook and 24-hour news cycles, I need to be reminded (daily) that Jesus is in control.

When we’re weary, scared, upset or just itching to pick a bone with someone on the interwebs, let’s bring all of those things to the cross and set them at the feet of Jesus.

Friends, the good news that I so often forget is that we don’t have to carry the burdens that weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. Coming from someone who has let those burdens get the best of them this past week, I’m so thankful that I can surrender it to a God who is bigger than even our greatest fears.