Beautiful (Weekend) Things

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I have a board on Pinterest called “Just Beautiful” where I pull all the things I find that I love simply because they are, well, beautiful. There really is no reason in particular that I have this board, other than the fact that beauty in all shapes and forms is inspiring, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, sometimes I forget to see the beauty that I’m surrounded by every single day. Of course, that’s not to say my life is one big walk in the park. But when I take the time to stop and soak up the pretty things right in front of my nose, I find I’m more grateful for my current circumstance and place in life.

This weekend was full of pretty little moments. My two loves, Joe and Nut, curled up under a blanket on Saturday morning. Magazine reading. Taking time to give myself a dark manicure, perfect for fall. And a handful of fresh mini gourds Joe got from one of his customers last week that are now making our place feel a little more like fall.