Skiing Utah

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Joe and I took full advantage of the long weekend and met my family out in Salt Lake City for a little ski weekend. Here are a few shots from our trip!
{Our view on the way up to the slopes.}
{Mandatory airplane/travel shot!}

{We stayed at The Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City. It was beautiful! The staff was helpful and attentive and the prices were reasonable. I would highly recommend it for anyone visiting SLC.}

{We skied the first day at Solitude and the second day at Snowbird. We all agreed we liked Snowbird better.}

{Joe blew me away with how well he did, considering it was only his third time skiing! Since he’s athletic, competitive and fearless, he picks things up quickly. While I prefer to go a little slower and not fall, Joe likes to push the limits, go fast and fall more often. I guess it’s a pretty typical male/female scenario.}

{Now that my family has moved from Florida to Idaho, I have a feeling they are going to be experts on the mountain in no time at all.}

{This guy snowboarding in a banana costume got the award for most entertaining person on the slopes.}

{We were sad to leave! Joe was already asking me when we can go back. I think he has the skiing fever, that’s for sure. Although it was hard to leave, it always feels so good to be back at home, cuddled up with little Nutter!}