No Fat Talk Tuesday: Kristin’s Story

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I’m so excited for this week’s No Fat Talk Tuesday and that it happens to be on Valentine’s Day, too. What better day to focus on loving our bodies than today? Today’s post comes to us from Kristin Tigges. I first met Kristin about a year and a half ago. She was one of my mom’s ‘college girls’ through a mentor program at church. I wish Kristin and I lived closer and could spend more time together. Her joy for life and beauty on the inside and out is evident to anyone who meets her. With that, I’ll hand it over to Kristin.

Hello all! My name is Kristin and I’m very excited to be sharing what God has been teaching me lately. Being Valentine’s Day, I must tell you how blessed I am to be married to Tyler Tigges a little more than 8 months now. He’s an amazing teammate who encourages and challenges me in so many ways.
God has blessed us all in many ways. While I can share about my amazing husband, fulfilling job, and cozy apartment, the most satisfying blessing comes through my relationship with Jesus. This relationship needs to always be number one in my life and be the motivation behind everything I do.
St. Valentine is someone known for the now commercialized holiday of Valentine’s Day. However, have you heard his real story? He was executed because He refused to worship Roman gods and because he tried to convert the emperor to Christianity!  Today’s “gods” come in a variety of forms, such as money, possessions, entertainment, looks, etc. But these “gods” are only temporary and do not satisfy us.
As I strive to see my body as God created it, I’m challenged by the fact that I have wasted time focusing on exactly what I eat, how long I exercise, and what I look like in the mirror.  This time is wasted when my motives are not devoted to loving Jesus first and loving all the people He has put around me. 
Psalm 86:11-12 says “Teach me your way, LORD, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.”
This verse points out the choice we are faced with each day to either be devoted to God or to live life with a divided heart.  We can either choose to honor God with our bodies or we can choose to chase our own desires.  It’s about our motives.  When faced with a choice today involving your body, ask yourself this question, “Why am I doing this?”
Don’t get me wrong, my biggest passion is to help reveal God’s plan for the physical aspect of people’s lives. God is pleased when we are disciplined in the way we care for our body (Romans 12:1). I’ve recently started working at a place called Inspired Chiropractic with the Maximized Living organization. This is where I learned how to work with the way God designed our bodies to heal and function. This has changed my perspective on nutrition, my jean size, exercise, a zit, health…EVERYTHING. If you’re interested in learning more, click here to find the Maximized Living doctor nearest you as you strive to honor God with what He gave you.
You’re welcome to stop by my blog Treasure’s Untold anytime to read more about what God is teaching me. But I pray that what I shared here is an encouragement as we all strive to see our bodies through God’s eyes. I’m so thankful that Madison started NFTT so we can all grow and learn together!