Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bark

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There really is nothing like waking up in the morning knowing the day is completely yours. No responsibilities, tasks to complete, or places to be. Of course being the list maker that I am, a ‘to-do’ list was still made. But today’s list was in my head instead of on paper, a fun list of sorts, and the consequences of not completing the items on my list? None whatsoever.  You really should try it every now and again. After you … Read More


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When I first started Espresso + Cream, I vowed to share both successes and failures in the kitchen with all you dear readers. Though it’s much easier to share culinary triumphs and pretend the failures didn’t happen, especially when blogging from the secrecy of my own apartment, I thought I’d let you in on a little mishap that has kept me from posting as soon as I would have liked to. In my mind, Martha Stewart is someone to be … Read More

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For the past couple days I’ve had my previous post on what I’m thankful for on my mind. Maybe it’s residual feelings from Thanksgiving, the anticipation of Christmas, or a bit of both. Truth is, Christmas always makes me all nostalgic – especially nights like tonight when welcoming in the first big blizzard of winter. To be able to sit in a warm house, wrapped in a blanket, drinking Reindeer Blend coffee while thinking and writing about food – not … Read More

Videos, Holidays, and Exams! Oh my!

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Today I am writing my apology, to be extended to all you readers for the next three weeks. Though as Christmas approaches I would like nothing more than to be drinking coffee, listening to Christmas music, watching Elf, and baking all types of goodies to share here, I’m sad to report those things will have to wait until December 18th – the highly anticipated, feared, and welcomed day when I graduate from college! Immediately afterward, I plan on getting back … Read More

Broccoli Pesto

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Alice in Wonderland. I think the Disney character that best personifies me at this point would be Alice in Wonderland, falling, tumbling into a rabbit’s hole and disappearing from the world. Substitute the rabbit’s hole for work, classrooms, and the small nook where my desk and computer live and there you have it, my reasons for disappearing from the known world, as well as the blogging world. Lately, my cooking has been more utilitarian and droll than exciting and adventurous, … Read More

Southern Comfort

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Think about the foods that make you feel like you’re home. What are they? Cookies, lasagna, a favorite pie, or maybe a soup. A few things come to mind when I think about home-cooking. My mom’s meatballs, beef stew with biscuits, and a fresh garden salad with poppyseed-balsamic dressing. But really, for me, it’s all about the Southern cooking. We’re talking grits, pinto beans with ham, cornbread with butter, and rice. My dad’s side of the family comes from the … Read More

Cupcakes a la Madeline

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To me, the cupcake is a thing of wonder. When done correctly, it resonates of all that is right about desserts. Easier to master than an intricate layer cake, these individual cakes are more forgiving than most cakes ever dreamed of being. And if you mess one up, your entire bunch hasn’t gone to waste.  Cupcakes represent the way I think cooking and entertaining ought to be. Simple, almost childish food served in a special way that makes it fit … Read More

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Today marks my last “first day” of classes….ever! I can hardly believe that my last semester of college is here. As a way to celebrate the last weekend of summer, I made a trip up to Minnesota to visit my best friend and have a relaxing weekend of good food, shopping, and catching up before classes. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of many of the great things we ate this weekend! I’m still growing accustomed to the idea of … Read More

Cafe di Scala

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I had the most delicious dinner tonight at Cafe di Scala, made even better with the company of some amazing ladies at Better Homes and Gardens and Meredith Corporation. The lovely Maggie organized the dinner as a way to celebrate my summer internship, since it ends tomorrow! I can hardly believe the summer has gone so fast and I will be starting school again next week. Thankfully I will be staying on at Better Homes and Gardens this fall on … Read More

The Power of Food

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I’m often amazed at the power food has in our lives. It’s not what drew me to food in the first place, but as I’ve gotten older, this power is what has kept my mind and heart drawn to food. When I was little, the most important thing food provided me was a creative outlet. Since I am not a particularly crafty person, my artwork is made in the kitchen. I attribute much of my cooking ability to my mother, … Read More


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About Me

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Hi. I’m Madison.  I’m a 22-year-old Midwesterner and the voice behind Espresso and Cream.  During the day, I’m a food editor. It goes without saying that I love to cook and bake, and I’m happiest when I’m in the kitchen. I’m a exercise junkie, recently-converted vegetarian to the chagrin of my boyfriend, magazine fanatic, and an animal lover who desperately wants to buy a puppy, if only I could solve the white couch dilemma.  I don’t like pretentious, fussy, or … Read More