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When I first started Espresso + Cream, I vowed to share both successes and failures in the kitchen with all you dear readers. Though it’s much easier to share culinary triumphs and pretend the failures didn’t happen, especially when blogging from the secrecy of my own apartment, I thought I’d let you in on a little mishap that has kept me from posting as soon as I would have liked to.

In my mind, Martha Stewart is someone to be revered, respected, and admired. She is flawless, as are her recipes. Growing up, Martha was a presence in my home through her recipes and decorating and entertaining advice. But yesterday, Martha failed me big time. I have made a few delicious cupcakes in my time, even some delicious carrot cake cupcakes, but I thought when I saw the cupcakes (above) on Martha’s website, that these would be the carrot cake cupcakes to trump all others. I went to the grocery store, bought what I needed (walnuts are not cheap!) and set to work making these cupcakes. I took a second look at the recipe. Really only 3/4 cup flour? Could that be right? “It’s Martha’s recipe, for goodness sake! Trust it!” I told myself. I filled the cupcake liners, popped them in the oven, and waited to see how 3/4 cup flour could possibly yield delicious, cakey, goodness.

Twenty-five minutes later, I was nothing short of dismayed. The cupcakes had risen, so much so that they overflowed, and then they sunk, like sad, fallen, dejected soufflés. Not even able to be rescued by the cream cheese frosting I had prepared, I tossed the little cups of gooey cake in the trash. The whole experience left me feeling defeated, frustrated, and confused. Since I didn’t have what I needed in the house to start over on another cupcake recipe, one I knew would work, I have delayed posting until I can share with you something better. Hopefully that’s what tomorrow morning will bring. 🙂

Here’s to succeeding and failing in the kitchen!