The Power of Food

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I’m often amazed at the power food has in our lives. It’s not what drew me to food in the first place, but as I’ve gotten older, this power is what has kept my mind and heart drawn to food.

When I was little, the most important thing food provided me was a creative outlet. Since I am not a particularly crafty person, my artwork is made in the kitchen. I attribute much of my cooking ability to my mother, mainly because she put up with being a taste tester for all of my kitchen creations, after I got sick of using cookbooks but before I truly had a grasp on recipe creation. Never once did she get upset over a kitchen disaster or mishap. Instead, she smiled and encouraged me to keep cooking. Lucky for her, things got better!

My most recent media project: “Steak and Herb Tacos” for Better Homes and Gardens. The recipe is in the August issue of the magazine, and as an intern, I had the pleasure of appearing on WHO TV Des Moines this past weekend for the “Secrets Served” segment. Check it out and see what you think!,0,4614226.story

All things Mexican food excite my taste buds; but I can’t really handle heavy cheese and fat all the time. These tacos are an amazing example of how Mexican food can be lightened up.