Gift Guide 2023 // 1-2 year olds

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I’m chuckling a little about this gift guide because with three older siblings Hollace plays less with toys and more with whatever his siblings are doing/playing with and mainly walks around the house just causing trouble and bothering his siblings but when he does sit down to play with toys, these are some of the most loved items we have or items that are high on my wish list!

Paw Patrol Lookout Tower
We have an older version of this tower and it’s gotten SO much use through four kids. Hollace is currently very into it – it’s about as tall as he is – and it’s so fun to see a toy that’s truly lasted the test of time from kiddo to kiddo!

Balance Bike
Truett and Collins both learned on a balance bike (vs. Ainsley who didn’t) and it made SUCH a difference in how quickly they learned to ride a regular bike without training wheels. Hollace has just started to show interest in our balance bike as well!

Sand Table
I’m thinking about getting this for Hollace for this summer! He LOVES to play in the sand and I can imagine this would keep him occupied in the backyard for hours.

Little Tikes Lawn Mower
Another one of those toys that has gotten years and years of use! It’s so simple but it’s been a favorite of my kiddos during this stage in development!

Toy Tool Set
I mean, let’s be honest, my kids still would rather have tools that dad’s using but these are a pretty good option when you don’t want to let them play with actual tools. 😉

Nugget Couch
This is one of those toys that I get asked about a lot with questions like “is it worth it?” While my kids don’t play with it for hours and hours each week, it does have so many uses that I have to say YES. We sometimes have one of the pieces laying in our room as a makeshift bed when a kiddo wanders into our room in the middle of the night, they use it for fort building, playtime, a cozy couch by the fire when they are watching a show, and for a makeshift bed when they want to have a sibling sleepover, so I do think it is worth it if it’s in your budget!

Train/Toy Table
Hands down one of those items I wish I had bought for Ainsley so I could have passed it down for all my kids. It’s on my gift list for Hollace this year because I still think both Truett and Hollace would love to have something like this to play with.

Little People Farm
Another favorite these days – both Truett and Hollace loved this! It’s such a fun little playset and the tractor that you can get to go with it is a hit, too!