GIFT GUIDE 2023 // My Wish List

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In case you are wondering what I would put on my own personal gift guide or what I think you need to have on your list, I’ve got you covered! These items are either beloved by me OR on my list for things I would like this year!

Fawn Design Fawny Pack
I love the size of this bag and the functionality of a belt bag as totally won me over! How cute is this?!

Claire V Grande Fanny
If you want more of a splurge item then add this to your list! It’s a *definite* upgrade in so many ways but so so beautiful!

Nugget Ice Maker
This is probably the top item on my list! There are so many to choose from and I personally can’t vouch for any of them but this seemed to be a good bridge between top of the line and lower price point makers with amazing reviews.

14K Gold Hoops
These hoops from Quince are so pretty + perfect for every day! I love the size, shape, and the price!

Non Toxic Bath Bombs
These are a fun splurge for bath lovers like me! Would also make such a great stocking stuffer item.

Champion Sweatshirt
This is such a simple item but I wear mine all the time and love the colors it comes in! Fits true to size and is a more structured material/fit.

Jenni Kayne Slippers
These are such a splurge and honestly I would never have purchased them for myself but I was gifted them last year and love them SOOO much. They also have held up incredibly well. I thought they would be flimsy and fall apart quickly but i’m totally sold on all things Jenni Kayne after seeing how durable these are!

Freda Salvador Libby Sneaker
I have one pair of Freda Salvador shoes and I love them SO so much. Most worn shoes in my closet this summer/fall. I have my eye on the Libby next!

Stanley IceFlow Tumbler
I love this flip lid version of the Stanley. My girls both wanted a Stanley for Christmas so they are each getting one of these and now I want one, too!