Supplement Spotlight :: Seed Daily Synbiotic

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I get asked quite often about various supplements, but one of the most asked about is the probiotic I take. I’ve used various different probiotics over the years, but again and again I kept hearing my in-the-know friends talk about their love for Seed. This daily synbiotic (prebiotic and probiotic) has quickly become my favorite and Joe’s favorite, too. I noticed within a couple months of taking Seed some pretty significant health improvements (despite already being on a quality probiotic) and have been raving about Seed to friends and family ever since.

While I share about Seed quite often on social media, I wanted to put down some thoughts in a blog post for easy reference and a bit of a deeper dive for those who are interested in learning more.

What makes Seed different?
There are a lot of differentiating factors that set Seed apart from other similar supplements on the market. But what I love most is that Seed is rigorously tested throughout the production process, it’s designed for superior survivability to help them arrive to your colon intact, and it’s designed to help with digestive health, gut immune function, cardiovascular health, dermatological health and micronutrient synthesis.

How does Seed stack up to other probiotics or fermented foods?
You can view a full chart on what makes Seed different and superior to other probiotics and fermented foods below.

What did you notice personally when taking Seed?
I have personally noticed a change in my hormones, shockingly! I know that gut health and hormone health are closely tied but I didn’t anticipate to see a noticeable difference taking Seed. However, after taking Seed for a couple months I noticed that the terribly heavy periods that I had struggled with for years (since Truett was born) seemed to significantly lighten and become more normal. Having already been on a probiotic, I didn’t anticipate seeing a difference but I certainly did!

I’ve always had fairly regular digestion but I’ve known many others who have seen almost an immediate difference in their digestion once they started taking Seed regularly.

Do you have to do auto ship?
Yes, Seed is an auto ship service. Typically I HATE auto ship, but this is one of very few subscription services that I really love and always appreciate getting on schedule. I am so dedicated in taking it and am always eagerly awaiting my next subscription.

Ready to try Seed? You can do so HERE and get 15% off your first order with the code ESPRESSOANDCREAM15