Our Family’s Favorite Games

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We’ve been getting into playing games as a family more now than we have ever in the past. With Ainsley and Collins getting old enough to enjoy more games, it’s become so much fun! A big kudos to my mom, our family’s game curator, who has discovered nearly all our family’s favorite games listed below.

I hope this helps any of you who are cooped up inside and in need of some new games to play with your family during the colder winter months.

Train of Thought
We’ve mainly been using this as a conversation starter for the dinner table. I think there is an actual way to play the game, but we like taking the questions on the cards and using them to hear more about one another. I love hearing the responses that our kids come up with!

Pictured above, this is hands down MY favorite new game we play. Ainsley and Collins can both play this (Collins usually plays with some help from an adult) and it’s easy to understand + enjoyable to play.

Sleeping Queens
I’ve mentioned this one before, but this is Collins’s current favorite game to play. Sleeping Queens is an easy card game to take anywhere and play fairly quickly. It’s also great for younger aged kids who want to play a game the whole family can enjoy.

Spot It!
Another great on-the-go card game. This one is SO much fun for kids and adults. I found our whole family having fun playing it when we traveled to Florida over Thanksgiving and I love how easy it is to play at a moment’s notice.

Ticket to Ride
Ainsley’s new favorite, this game takes a lot longer and has more pieces but she could play it again and again. It’s best for kids around the age 7 and up, in my opinion, because it has some more advanced strategic thinking involved in creating routes and making plans to execute those routes.

Another game for kids who like to think and strategize. Ainsley and Joe play this the most in our home. It’s best for slightly older kiddos who enjoy strategy games!

Rapid Rumble
This game has got Collins’s attention! She loves playing it, and I am surprised at how challenging I find it to be for me! Ha! It’s great for younger and older kids and adults alike!

Another great game for younger players. Collins has been playing this with me for a couple years at the lake and loves it!

Another one of my favorite games, and something Ainsley has caught onto really quickly, this is a favorite of mine! It’s such a fun number/pattern game.

This is a great game for little people! I love this game for something our whole family can play with Truett quickly and easily.

Any other games you’re loving lately that I need to add to the list? Let me know below!