Updated Supplement Line-Up

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Happy New Year, friends! Last week when I asked you all for Ask Me Anything questions on Instagram, many of you requested an updated supplement line-up. And with the new year here, it seemed like the perfect time to re-visit what I’ve been taking. These supplements have been staples for quite a while now (some dating back give or more years) and some are new-ish over the last year.

As a reminder, I’m not a doctor or medical professional, so as with anything it’s best to check with your doctor before adding anything mentioned below into your routine.

About a year and a half ago, I did a micronutrient test and heavy metals test with a wholistic doctor while we were contemplating the idea of a fourth baby. Joe also did the same test shortly after I did mine. The test was helpful in guiding me in what supplements to take and any underlying deficiencies. While my test results were very unremarkable (in a good way!) it was helpful for guiding a few additional supplements.

I also worked closely with my acupuncturist in Minneapolis who helped with supplements to take both during pre-conception and pregnancy. All that to say, supplements and health are very personal and individualized, so what I’m taking might mean very little for you based on what your unique needs are.

What I’m Taking Daily

Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal
This is a PAIN to take because you have to take so many pills but I truly believe it’s one of the best and most comprehensive prenatal vitamins around. I’ve taken it since finding out I had MTHFR with Ainsley and continue to take it with each pregnancy. If you want to read more in depth about why it’s one of the best, I would recommend this article from Megan Garcia.

Natural Calm Gummies
I’ve taken Natural Calm magnesium for years, but I recently switched to the gummies because they are SO much easier to take than the powder. This also helps keep pregnancy leg cramps at bay and promotes a restful night’s sleep.

Seeking Health L-5-MTHF Supplement
For those who have compromised methylation because of MTHFR this is a little extra dose of the active form of folic acid.

Thorne NAC
I know NAC has been in the news a lot over the last six months – I started taking it at the rec of my acupuncturist and have continued to take it throughout pregnancy. There is some evidence that in addition to the more well known benefits of NAC, It may also help prevent miscarriage.

WholeMega Fish Oil
Not a lot to say here! I’m guessing you all know most of the benefits associated with fish oil. This is made with sustainably sourced wild salmon. We buy ours via Thrive Market.

Mary Ruth’s D3 + K2 Spray
Especially good for winter and keeping those vitamin D levels in check when winter makes it harder to be outside.

Flourish Probiotic
This is our family’s favorite favorite probiotic. We all take the Jr Version because I much prefer the taste. It’s one of the very few products we have on auto-ship in our home.

Mary Ruth’s Liposomal Vitamin C
I don’t take this one daily – usually just when I’m feeling run down or feel sickness coming on.

I hope that’s helpful! It’s definitely been a routine that has worked well for me over the last year+ and I’m always happy to answer questions that you might have on anything mentioned above.