A Case for the Side Hustle

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Hi friends! I’m back into the daily grind after a weekend away in Minneapolis with some of my very favorite people. Time spent with my Beautycounter tribe always takes a little bit of time to process after it’s over because, let’s be honest, it’s strange. It’s strange that most of these amazing humans wouldn’t be in my life if it wasn’t for Beautycounter.

As I processed what this work + team mean to me, I came back around again and again to community. Because let’s be honest: while life as a mom of little people can be wonderfully fulfilling, it can also be lonely, exhausting, confusing, and draining. As I look at the women pictured above (and many not pictured) I think about all the business conversations we’ve had, but I also think about all the conversations we’ve had about things entirely unrelated to business. These ladies are the people I send messages to about cold remedies, parenting challenges, clothing advice and more.

Who knew something that started off as a small side gig would add so very much to my life? I certainly didn’t! Community with other like-minded women was not a reason I joined, but it’s definitely been what has kept me around through the ups and downs.

I’m well aware that “those companies” that sell directly to consumer through consultants, coaches, reps, etc. can get a bad reputation, let me make a case (both personal and professional) for adding a side hustle to your life…

Like I said, this wasn’t on my radar at all when I joined. I joined for the products that I loved, but community has been the single biggest surprise to me over the last 4 1/2 years. I joined when my oldest daughter was just a few months old. As a new mom navigating all the changes motherhood brings, it was such a gift to be surrounded by women in a similar stage in life with similar challenges. They have walked alongside me during some of the most challenging times in my life, called me out when I need to be called out, and helped push me to become better in all areas of my life and work.

Residual Income
What I DID join Beautycounter for was to create a more stable income for my freelance and blogging businesses. Knowing how volatile freelance income can be and how difficult it can be to consistently bring in significant revenue from blogging, I was looking for a way to authentically bring in additional income. Since I was already using + loving Beautycounter products, it seemed like the most natural partnership I could think of.

Over the last 4 1/2 years, I’ve seen Beautycounter paychecks pay for a variety of things for my team members – monthly car payments, home renovations, mortgage payments, monthly daycare expenses, date nights, “fun money” and more. And for those of you looking to leave your full-time job and replace your salary? Yeah, I’ve seen it do that, too!

While this business isn’t a path to fast + easy money, it IS a legitimate way to earn significant revenue for whatever your financial goals may be – big or small.

Not convinced yet? See what Entrepreneur and Forbes have to say on the subject.

Personal Development
I’ve heard so many of my team members tell me how Beautycounter has been the best personal development tool. Because this business is personal it forces you to come face to face with so many fears + insecurities + misconceptions we all have about ourselves.

On a personal level, I’ve been challenged to think more creatively, get a little bit tougher skin when it comes to rejection, grow as a team leader, develop more discipline in how I use my time and learn to be better having tough conversations.

Is it comfortable? Hardly! Has it made me a better person? Absolutely.

So, if you’re one of those people like I was for years, siting on the sidelines and wanting to take the leap but not quite sure you’re ready, my biggest advice is to say YES.

And to all of you out there who are supporting those with small businesses through your purchases, likes, comments, words of encouragement and more? THANK YOU! Every little bit of support means the world to those who are putting their heart out there each and every day.