Avoiding Burnout in Motherhood

In Family, Fashion by Madison Mayberry2 Comments

IMG_1813Every night I sit in Ainsley’s rocking chair and feed her a bedtime bottle. As I sit in the dimly-lit room, rocking back and forth with my now very big baby in my arms, the day finally slows down. It’s the first time during the day that I really have time to think, process and pause and I realize, every night, that I feel like I’ve been running at breakneck speed all. day. long.

Do other moms know this feeling?

Like you’ve been mentally and physically sprinting through your day, picking up toys and doing loads of laundry, feeding bottles and breakfast, getting dressed and ready for work, rushing to do drop-off and pick-up on time and juggling countless trips in and out of the carseat. Maximizing nap times and work time and every spare moment in between.

It is, without a doubt, a crazy season of life. I suspect that if I have more kiddos, it will feel even crazier. But it’s full, and wonderful and filled with smiles and giggles. So much wonderful life that I can hardly take it all in.

I’ve listened to a lot of people talk about motherhood at conferences and seminars and on blogs. It seems to me that a lot of moms like to complain about motherhood – to talk about how drained and weary they are and how terribly hard motherhood is.

Like all worthwhile things, motherhood requires a good deal of elbow grease, long days and struggle. But when I’m sitting, listening to women talk about how weary they are I just can’t relate. Although I’ve never run on such little sleep, never been so stretched and pulled in different directions, never juggled so many responsibilities, our life and family has never felt so incredibly FULL.

I’ve read a few posts on self-care for moms (loved this one from my dear friend Laura) and thought I would encourage you mommas out there to create a regular rhythm of self care in your life. I don’t mean long vacations and expensive spa days, although those are nice, too. I’m talking achievable, daily routines that leave you feeling rested and recharged. Not to say I do it all right (hardly!) but self care has always come easily for me – just ask my mom. And I think maintaining that without guilt has been a saving grace of my motherhood experience.

In my world, there is nothing as healing and wonderful as a steaming hot bath with lots and lots of girly products. I leave bed time to dad and prepare a bottle for him to give Ainsley while I sneak off to relax in the tub with a stack of magazines or my Kindle. Usually some type of hair mask and face mask is involved, and some really great smelling body oils or lotions as well.


1. Lustro Body Oil  The best I’ve found! It goes on without feeling greasy and leaves my skin so soft.
2. Dead Sea Mud Mask Gentle yet effective for clearing up skin and balancing your complexion.
3. Kerastase Hair Mask Leaves my hair feeling so much smoother and stronger. I use it weekly.
4.  Lustro Sugar Scrub For getting rid of dead skin cells and leaving my skin feeling smooth during the cold winter months
5. Epsom Salts Soaking in an epsom salt bath cures all your aches and pains and this specific Milk & Honey scented version is heaven!