Stitchfix #2: My Review

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I got my second Stitchfix last week, and after posting a couple photos of the tops I decided to keep, a number of you asked if I would do a review of my second fix. And since I am falling more and more in love with Stitchfix by the month, I am happy to talk about what I got in my most recent box.

I was hoping, as I mentioned in my last post about Stitchfix, that my second fix would be more reflective of my personal style and be better suited for my lifestyle. After getting my first fix and returning the unwanted items I completed the review of my fix online. The review was really easy to access and I spent a lot of time explaining what I liked and didn’t like about my fix in an attempt to help my stylist do better the second time around.

When my fix arrived last week I was super excited to see what they had included. I specifically requested that they not include any jewelry, since I would rather pick out my own jewelry and was more interested in getting items of clothing. My box included:
-One 3/4 length sleeve square printed blouse with black cami (pictured above)
-One short-sleeve peplum top (tan with a abstract pattern)
-One printed wrap dress (pictured below)
-One sleeveless pink button-down blouse
-One navy/white striped blazer

I was super pleased with the items in my box. The only item that I thought was really off was the pink button-down blouse. It was sleeveless, bright magenta and had a cut-out pattern, meaning I would have had to wear a cami under the blouse. It was really, really not me.

On the positive side, the other four items in the box were really spot-on with the types of items I would normally gravitate toward. What I really like about the Stitchfix process is that it encourages me to try on items that I might not normally try on. That’s not to say that they don’t fit my style, it’s just that sometimes things look different on than they do on the hanger. That’s where Stitchfix comes into play. It’s especially good for someone like me who tends to gravitate to items that only fit within the “safe zone” as far as clothes go.


I ended up keeping three items this time! The blouse above, the wrap dress (above, great for work and summer dinners out), and the peplum top, which I don’t have a great photo of. The photo below is the best I have, and it doesn’t really show the whole top. I would never have thought that peplum would work well with my figure, but I really like that it is a little different without being totally crazy. It was the cheapest item in the box (I think it was $30) so it’s a nice way to try out a trend without fully committing to something expensive.


Overall, I’m so happy I decided to get a second box and gave the company time to understand my style and personality more before I decided whether or not I liked the entire process. The second box was so much more spot-on than the first. I can’t wait to see what my third box has in store. One final plus? I find that I’m less likely to shop in the time in between fixes. Knowing that I have a fix scheduled for the following month makes me hold of on any purchases and makes me less inclined to pick something up at Target throughout the month. And I think that makes Joe super happy.

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Have any of you had the same experience with your second (third, fourth) fixes being so much more spot-on than your first?