Tracy Anderson Workout + Incline Walking

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I don’t share many of my workout routines on Espresso and Cream. Perhaps it’s because it seems strange to talk about donuts one morning and hitting the gym the next day. But seeing as that Pinterest is mainly a mixture of indulgent desserts and kick-butt workout routines, I figure I’m not the only person who believes that the best life is one of balance.

One of my goals for 2013 is to mix up my workout routines and try things that push me out of my comfort zone. If left to my own devices, I would be content to run (on the treadmill or outdoors) every day of the week with a little light weight training and yoga mixed in for tone. But as you know, doing the same thing over and over again hardly produces new and exciting results, so I’ve been taking new classes, clipping new workout routines from magazines and trying new videos online. I’ve been sore more times over the past three weeks than I have in a long time, which I take as a very good sign.

Lately, I’ve really been loving this series of moves from celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. Tracy is the woman credited with making Gwyneth Paltrow look so darn amazing. Personally, I think her calorie-restrictive diet plan is absolute crap. But her unconventional moves, like those in the workout above, really seem to shape and tone the body in ways that traditional moves just can’t do.

Pair the above series of moves with the incline walking routine below. The walking routine is quick, efficient and really burns your bum. Based on your fitness level, adjust the speed to make the workout harder or easier. You should really be huffing and puffing and your legs should be burning by the end. If they aren’t, you need to go a little faster.

Treadmill Incline Walking Workout
Speed: Keep your pace steady the entire time at 3.5. If this seems too easy or too hard, adjust the speed to create the appropriate degree of difficulty.

Time                Incline
0-10 min.       10
10-11 min.      11
11-12 min.      12
12-13 min.      13
13-14 min.      14
14-15 min.      15
15-16 min.      14
16-17 min.      13
17-18 min.      12
18-19 min.      11
19-20 min.     10
20-22 min.     Cool down