We’ve Got Big News!

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Our boxes are packed. Our cars are as full as they can be. And it’s finally time to make it blog official…

We are moving to Minneapolis!!!

Those of you who following me on Twitter or Instagram have most likely already heard about our big move (I’m not very good at keeping a secret for too long) but seeing as that we are moving to Minnesota today, I thought it high time to let the cat out of the bag to everyone. Joe and I have been planning the move for a few weeks now and it’s been incredibly hard to keep this a secret. Here are the details:

1. Joe accepted a new job up in Minneapolis with an agriculture company after New Year’s. He’s trilled about his new job and the people he is going to work with. And we have always said we wanted to get back to Minneapolis some day. Turns out “some day” is coming a lot sooner than expected.

2. By the grace of God, I also accepted a new position. I will be starting as a food editor for General Mills in a couple weeks. I’m equally trilled to continue to work in the subject area I love with a great company.

3. We bought a house! Joe and I have both been renters since graduation and have talked about our desire to own a home with a yard for a long time. Our move seemed like a great time to buy a house, and the whole process went incredibly quick. We’ll be closing early in February. In the meantime, we are going to be living with Joe’s sister, Amber, and her hubby, Jake, and our nephew, Baylen. They are too sweet to let us live with them for a whole month. Anyone have tips on being a stellar house guest?!

4.¬†Although we are incredibly excited to be moving, I can’t fail to mention that I’m also a little sad. I hate goodbyes. A lot. And leaving co-workers, friends and our church family has caused me to shed my fair share of tears over the past couple weeks. I can only hope that our friends in the area take us up on our offer to visit and stay with us soon!

5. Things on the blog might be a little crazy over the next few weeks while we transition and before we move into the new place. However, I do hope to keep the recipes coming despite the craziness. That said, I think the site may include a lot more “lifestyle” content (and maybe some home decor content, too) as that is what will be taking up a majority of my time over the next month. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Whew, I think that covers it! Anything I left out? I look forward to updating you a lot with our adventures as we transition to life in a new city and state!