Espresso and Cream: The Home (Apartment) Tour

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Last weekend I spoke to a group of women at our church about hospitality, recipes and my life as a food editor. I had so much fun with the women, and loved that it was a small group so we could talk casually. A few of the ladies mentioned that I should put up photos of our apartment, and so today I’m doing just that! I don’t know what took me so long, or why I never thought to put something up sooner.

When Joe and I first moved, we were thrilled to find such a modern, fun space to call home. It’s a loft-style apartment (read: no bedroom door or rooms of any sort) and not very big, but we figured there is never going to be a time in life when we can live in a space like this, so we jumped at the opportunity. We have big doors/windows on the east side of our apartment. The first photo is what you see when your back is up against the doors.. There is a decent sized kitchen, island with bar stools where we eat almost all our meals, and our living room.

These are our white couches. I love the look of my white couches and how versatile they are when decorating (we change the pillows during the summer to something more seasonal) but I bought my couches when I was single, without a dog or husband. I’ve since found out that white couches are incredibly difficult to keep clean. Just something for me to keep in mind for next time, and a heads-up for any of you looking at buying white couches.

The view when you walk in the front door.

And another view of the kitchen. My mom recently had that canvas print made of one of our favorite wedding photos. I absolutely love it! You’ll also notice we have magazines everywhere in our house. As an editor, I have a tough time letting magazines get thrown away, especially food magazines that I might want to consult for inspiration later down the road. Anyone else have the same issue?

So that’s ends the tour de Hofmeyer house! The lighting is terrible in our bedroom and bathroom, so I didn’t snap any photos. Rest assured, we have a bathroom, bedroom and laundry room/walk-in closet. Hope you enjoyed getting a peak into where we live.

Happy Friday, friends!