No Fat Talk Tuesday: True Beauty from Natalie

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We’re going to mix things up for today’s No Fat Talk Tuesday! Regular posts will resume next week, but for this week my blog-friend Natalie of Thoughts by Natalie is guest posting. I’ve talked about Natalie’s blog before, but I can’t say enough great things about it and Natalie’s perspective on true beauty. She brings an uplifting, unique perspective to the topic that I think all of us following No Fat Talk Tuesday can appreciate. – Madison

I read a blog post last month about how we need to not only stop chasing our skinny obsession, but also actively pursue what’s healthy (a refreshing and much-needed perspective, if you ask me).

In my life, that looks like eating a whole foods plant-based diet–the kind of food that nourishes my body and delights my taste buds. It means that I tie up my shoes and head out the door for a jog in the morning, not timing myself or creating grand expectations for distance and speed. And it also means that I take time to nourish my soul, tending to my emotional needs by reading, journaling and spending quality time with my husband and close friends.

When I’m tempted to make a choice that will damage my health, instead I think it through and choose the option that promotes my health and fills me with the energy needed to love the people around me.

Rather than obsess over being skinny like I used to, I now choose to be kind to my body by the way I talk to it, what I put into it, and what I use it for. That means no fat talk (my favorite topic discussed here on Espresso and Cream), no emotional eating, and no excuses for not using the perfectly functional and strong body God has given me.

I hope and pray that I always be mindful of my health, which I know am so blessed to have. I am young and healthy now, and I want to be old and healthy one day! In order for that to happen, obsessing over being skinny will only rob me of the joy of becoming a true beauty–someone who has a radiance that comes from a kind, generous and confident, not self-obsessed and self-critical.

How do you pursue healthy habits in your own life, while ditching negative, self-critical ones?