This Week….

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Last weekend I…

1. Made a pasta bake filled with veggies, multigrain pasta and sausage (on the right, for him) in hopes that it would be a dinner success. Instead, it was flat, bland and dull.

2. Played every board game we own (well, those suitable for two people) with Joey over the course of two days.

3. Explored our new town while hunting down a disc golf course we spotted online. Joey played and Nutmeg and I walk alonside.

4. Took a glorious, hour-long nap on Sunday afternoon.

5. Started our search for a new church in the area. We were met with a little success, but I don’t think the search is over just yet.

Overall, it was just what we needed. Relaxing, low-key and it involved very little driving and it appears as if next weekend is going to be the same. Bliss!

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend ahead?