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I really love you guys. Seriously. Over the past week and a half, I’ve spent my free time sifting through the hundreds of blog and magazine recommendations you passed along during the Silpat giveaway. If you have a few hours (or days) I would highly suggest checking out all the awesome links in that post. Goal achieved: my Google Reader is absolutely packed with great new finds.

Here are a few of my favorite new revelations:

Sugar Plum Blog
Judging by the number of times this cute little lady’s recipes have been published and featured on TV, it seems like she as a knack for recipe creation. Her blog is clean, simple and pretty – just the way I like blogs to be.

The Stone Soup
Quite honestly, this blog rocks. It’s ultra minimal in appearance and concept. Jules also takes an economical approach and shares ways to save money in the kitchen and stick to a budget.

Dolcetto Confections
Immediately, I knew I was hooked on this blog. This financial-guru turned culinary school grad has mastered the art of creative recipes presented in an approachable way.

A (Not So) Desperate Hausfrau
I’m fascinated by all things Europe, and this blog fits the build. Following along with the tales of this American housewife in Germany. 

House Tweaking
Not a cooking blog, but a design and DIY one. One look at Dana’s house and I was instantly filled with envy. Her projects and ideas are more approachable than other design blogs.

So Good & Tasty 
Go. Right now. Visit Jacqui’s blog and drool over the recipes, and then make a few. I sure plan to in the near future. She’s a vegetarian with a sweet tooth, so we’re totally on the same page when it comes to finding a balance between health and indulgence.

Happy reading!