Berry-Love Smoothies

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Inevitably, as Valentine’s Day creeps closer, I start to think about people I love and cherish. I’m fortunate to have quite a few of those individuals in my life, and on February 14th I plan to make sure they all know how deeply I care for them. And while it’s so important to love those around us, I think it’s time we start showing our bodies a little bit more love, too.

Body-image and weight isn’t something I’ve talked much about on Espresso and Cream, since I’m not an expert on either accounts, but it’s something I hope to talk more about in the future. Like many people, I struggled for years to make peace with my body, food and how I see myself in the mirror. Throughout college (and on my weaker days in the present) I played the comparison game with the women around me: she had skinnier thighs, prettier hair, better arms, you name it. And you know what? None of it made me any happier, thinner or prettier. Instead of building up those around me, I was quietly tearing them, and myself, down.

This isn’t to say forget about healthy living and self-improvement and be happy with your unhealthy self. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, because self-improvement starts with loving the body, mind and heart you’ve been given. (excuse me if I sound like a self-help book) A little over a year ago, I saw things I wanted to improve about myself, like my eating habits, exercise routine and the way I treated myself. And while I may not be completely there yet, I’m a whole lot closer than I was 12 months ago.

So no matter where you are at emotionally, take a little extra time this week to be good to your body. Maybe that’s as simple as thinking kind thoughts about yourself when you look in the mirror, or perhaps it means making a commitment to eating more veggies or making your trips to the gym a priority. Big or small, every step is worth taking. And if you’re looking to be extra good to yourself, this smoothie is an excellent and pain-free way to do so.

Tell me: What do YOU love about yourself? Come on, don’t be modest. I really want to know!

Berry-Love Smoothies
*1/2 cup mixed berry juice (I have been using Naked Juice Blue Machine thanks to Joey)
*1/4 cup water
*3/4 cup frozen raspberries
*1/4 cup plain yogurt or Greek yogurt
*1 tsp. Stevia or other natural no-calorie sweetener

*Combine all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth and creamy.

Happy blending!