Spotlight On :: Master Bath Renovation

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Today let’s talk about all things master bathroom! I’ve officially ordered the tile and water fixtures for the bathroom so things feel like they are getting real at this point. The master bath is very spacious and has a layout that works fairly well as it is. A few things we will be getting rid of? The giant built in tub in the center of the bathroom. the flooring (which is an older tile), the vanity top (we are replacing with new quartz) and the existing shower which we will be replacing with a new shower unit. You can see all the “before” photos below!

We will, as I mentioned when talking about the other bathroom, be keeping all the plumbing in its existing location. The layout works well for the space so we are hoping to make the most of the existing elements while making it feel like a relaxing, refreshed space.

Elements we are keeping:
-existing layout for plumbing
-existing wood vanity (we are sanding it, re-staining it and then putting a new top/sinks/fixtures on it

Elements we are changing:
-new floor throughout
-removing large drop in tub and replacing with a freestanding tub
-new vanity top and water fixtures
-painting throughout
-new light fixtures
-new shower unit

So, we are changing a lot! But I think we are also keeping the things that work well and that we can make work in the new space. If you want to see some “before” pictures, you can see them below!