Semi-Last Minute Gifts for Kids

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This one is for all my fellow friends trying to tie up loose ends, making Christmas lists and then checking them twice to be sure you’ve got your bases covered! With four kids, it’s a bit of a master puzzle to be sure you’ve got everyone taken care of.

I’ve pulled together a list of things our kids either have OR are getting from us + family this year that I think would be huge hits and are available with either PRIME shipping or on to be sure they arrive in time for Christmas. This would be a wonderful week to get that shopping done and those lists crossed off to be sure you get everything on time and don’t have to pay extra for rush shipping!

Play Tent
I am getting this for Collins! I think she will love this beautiful space to play house with her dolls, read books, and play pretend. I’m planning on adding a few cute pillows for the inside and this adorable pom pom garland for the top!

Tonie Box
We have this for the kids already. They didn’t play with it much over the last year but have since started playing with it more. I’m getting them some Tonie figurines for their stockings to expand their collection of what they can listen to.

Rad Rainbow Craft Case
This is SO cute and filled with craft supplies for kids. It’s great for moms like myself, who don’t have a well stocked craft cabinet at all times. The Christmas time is a time when I love to restock all our kids craft items.

Rainbow Loom Mega Set
My girls love making these bracelets! It was a game changer when they learned to make them on their fingers easily and quickly. This would be a great gift!

Dress Up Clothes Rack
This is pretty and functional! Our dress up clothes are all in a bin but I think it would be fantastic to have this to display all their clothes in a neat and organized way.

Disney Princess Secret Styles Dolls
The girls got these in Florida this year and have loved playing with them! You can change their outfits and their little animals that go with them. Also small and portable enough for travel.

Indoor Trampoline
This is a gift for kids – boys and girls – of all ages! We have a small indoor trampoline that gets used both inside and outside. Would be great for kids especially in the winter!

Mini Golf Trainer
This was a gift I got for Truett so I’m listing this here. He actually found it in the garage where I was storing it and I let him open it early since he already saw what it was, so I can say with certainty that he loves it!

Golf/Sports Net
Joe has one of these for hitting golf shots in the garage in the winter! The kids use it for hitting their own golf shots, kicking practice, etc. Joe has a pricier version, but this I think this lower dollar amount version would be great for kids who want to practice sports skills!

New Water Bottles
In the name of practicality, a new water bottle in a fun color is always a great gift for kids! Our kiddos love their hydro flask water bottles from years ago.

Fleece Lined Hats with Ear Flaps
Again, another very practical gift but these are the BEST hats. Truett and Hollace both have one and they fit well + are so soft and cozy!

Electric Blanket
Ainsley is always cold in the winter and loves to be cozy and warm! We have passed along the idea to a few family members of getting her an electric blanket.

Sleeping Queens Card Game
In this season, it’s hard for me to commit to playing games with tons of small pieces because of Truett and Hollace, but this has become one of our favorite games to play and the girls can both play independently!

Spot It! Card Game
Another great game to get out at any time, any place! It’s fun for both kids and adults and easy to pick up and play at a moment’s notice.