Pregnancy Favorites

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Since I am nearing the end of what I anticipate being my last pregnancy EVER (what?!) I wanted to be sure to capture some of my pregnancy and postpartum favorites before this stage of life is just a memory. Cue all the feels….

Kindred Bravely Nursing/Pumping Bras, Sports Bras, and Underwear
These are THE comfiest and most supportive bras I’ve found. I specifically like this bra for everyday wear and this bra as a sports/lounge bra. I recently purchased their postpartum recovery underwear and I love them, too, even though I’m still pregnant.

Rothy’s Shoes
Not exactly pregnancy-specific but I LOVE Rothy’s shoes for so many reasons. They are sustainably made, look great, withstand washing in the washing machine and are great for pregnancy. My favorite styles are their lace-ups, pointy flats and flip flops! This link should get you $20 off your first order.

Old Navy Active Mid-Rise Dolphin Hem Shorts
These shorts are a pre, during and postpartum favorite of mine. I wear them all the time when I’m not pregnant, but they are great for any stage of pregnancy and beyond and a fantastic value. I just size up for later in pregnancy!

Nuuly Subscription
This would be my #1 tip for looking and feeling great during pregnancy while avoiding wasteful spending on things you will only wear for a short period of time. I’ve always had a hard time getting my head around spending a lot on “quality” clothing while pregnant because it’s a short season, but quality pieces do make me feel better in my body during pregnancy. Enter Nuuly – a clothing rental subscription – which has allowed me to find cute + well made sweaters, dresses and coats that fit my growing body. I get to swap out the clothes each month (six pieces at a time) and actually spend less because I’m not buying as many items. THIS CODE should get you $10 off your first order!

Pregnancy Pillow
This isn’t what I would call the “best of the best” pregnancy pillow but it’s an average pregnancy pillow. For my fourth time around, it’s gotten the job done. It’s also the pillow I’ve purchased for my girls because they wanted to sleep in one as well! Either way, a pregnancy pillow of some sort is 100% necessary, in my opinion.

Epsom Salt
Simple but totally necessary. Regular epsom salt baths are a necessity for me all the time, but no time more so than during pregnancy. They can help ease swelling (something I’ve never dealt with but perhaps that’s because I love my epsom salt baths) and soothe sore muscles. I’m religious about this, especially during pregnancy!

Quality Skincare + SPF Protection
Pregnancy can do a number on your skin! While I can’t recommend a set of products that work well for everyone across a broad spectrum of skin issues and needs, I wanted to put a note here about skincare because it’s when I first started to search for cleaner options. Most of the skincare I had been using was not pregnancy safe and certainly wasn’t clean, and now that I use Beautycounter it’s such a relief to know I don’t have to switch from using the product I love just because I’m pregnant.

I would also add that pregnancy melasma is a real thing thanks to hormonal shifts. And while nothing is going to totally keep that melasma at bay, it helps SO much to use sunscreen regularly. This is my favorite sunscreen for our whole family! And I love this C Serum for helping to ward off and treat melasma and un-even skin tone postpartum.

Heated Neck Wrap
I love this thing! It’s a favorite for pregnancy and postpartum. I remember loving it especially when I got mastitis twice with Truett (hope to not have to repeat that this time!) You can microwave it for a few minutes to get long lasting heat that is so soothing on shoulders, your abdomen postpartum, etc.

Lululemon Ultra High Rise Align Leggings
These have been my pregnancy favorites! I sized up one size and the ultra high rise is a game changer for pregnancy. Still loving them at 34 weeks pregnant!

All Birds Tree Dashers
I purchased my first pair of All Birds this pregnancy and really love them for running errands and running around with the kids. I wouldn’t call them exercise shoes (except for short to medium length walks) but I thing they are great active mom-life shoes with nice support for pregnancy.