My (Clean) Self-Tanning Routine

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When it comes to sun exposure, I tend to fall somewhere in the middle. Skin cancer runs in my family, so I am careful to get regular yearly full-body checkups with my dermatologist. In the same breath, I tend to run a little on the lower end for Vitamin D and appreciate the value of regular time in the sun for its benefits in terms of Vitamin D production. Like most things in life, finding a healthy middle ground is best! This article is helpful in breaking down all things sun exposure and why getting a little sun may be better for you than you thought.

In the same breath, I still try to avoid getting sun burned at all costs (reaching for THIS sunscreen every time my family needs SPF protection.) So when I want a little extra color on my skin throughout the year, self-tanner is a must. I’ve bounced around from brand to brand over the years, trying to find a clean alternative to self tanner imparts natural color without all the icky ingredients found in traditional self tanners.

After years of searching, I found a clean self tanner that works wonderful, smells great and is cleanly rated. I’ve been using Beauty By Earth’s Self Tanner and Facial Self Tanner and find it gives the best natural glow. But in order to keep that glow lasting, it’s important to prep your skin properly! Below is my 3-step routine (along with my preferred clean products) for getting the best results from your self tanning experience.

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  1. Shave + Exfoliate
    This is an important first step! In order to get the longest lasting self tan, it’s key to be sure to both shave and exfoliate before applying your self tanner. My personal favorite exfoliator for the body is this one from Beautycounter, but for the sake of exfoliating before shaving, I actually prefer this scrub. (Note: I do NOT recommend this for the face since it’s more abrasive but find it’s a great body scrub!)
  2. Apply Self Tanner
    I personally don’t use any self tanner gloves, etc. but I know some people swear by them. I found a little bit of this self tanner goes a long way. Make sure to rub it in really well using circular motions until you can’t see the lotion any longer. Then rinse your hands REALLY well with soapy water to avoid having your hands look orange.
  3. Powder It Up
    This is TOTALLY optional, but I am 100% obsessed with Primally Pure’s Baby Powder for after taking a bath or shower, but especially after using self tanner. My kids and I both love this baby powder, which is 100% talc-free. I think it helps reduce any rubbing-off of the self tanner once it’s been applied, and it always leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth.