Why you need to make the switch to clean deodorant (and how!)

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New Year = New Deodorant. That’s how the saying goes, right?

Okay, maybe not. But if you’re in the process of cleaning up your personal care products and haven’t addressed what goes on your armpits, then it’s time to listen up. For over a decade I used a conventional deodorant/antiperspirant, but when I started learning more about the impact what we put on our body has on our health, I started to think twice about my daily antiperspirant.

It turns out your body was made perfectly and is designed to sweat. In fact, the sweat that comes out of our armpits is one of the primary ways our body detoxes! So when we stop the sweat with an aluminum-based antiperspirant, we are doing more harm than good.

It seems the solution would be simple, right? Switch to a non toxic deodorant and be on with your life. But it wasn’t so simple at all.

For the last six years I’ve tried MANY different deodorants with mixed success. It’s been a frustrating process to say the last. As someone with sensitive armpits I had quite a few negative experiences – some deodorants even led to huge welts under my armpits! Others just simply didn’t work. Frustrating, right?

As I’ve learned and journeyed this natural deodorant road, here are a few of my top tips for making the swap as easy as possible.

Consider the Season
Once I stopped using antiperspirants, I found my body adjusted over time and started sweating less. But it took time! My suggestion is to swap in the cooler months to give your body time to adjust. By the time summer rolls around you’ll be in better shape.

Stress and Hydration Matter
One of my biggest discoveries was that all sweat isn’t created equal. Stress sweat = stinky sweat. Whereas sweat when I’m working out rarely smells bad. If your natural deodorant isn’t working as well as normal, think about your current stress levels. Additionally, it helps to drink enough water!

Armpit Detoxes Help
If you’re looking to make the swap to safer deodorant, consider a regular armpit detox with charcoal-based products. I like to use Beautycounter’s Charcoal Face Mask on my armpits once per week. I follow it up with this exfoliating cleanser and/or the Charcoal Cleansing Bar. And shaving regularly helps, too!

Understand the Limitations
It’s good to keep in mind what a deodorant is and is not. It’s not an antiperspirant, so while it WILL stop the stink, it will not stop the sweat. However, as I mentioned before, over time your body may actually start to sweat less while using natural deodorant. My husband used to sweat a lot but as he has made the swap, he hardly ever complains about sweat any longer.

Pick One that Works (for you)
It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation with natural deodorant. Each body has unique chemistry, so what works for one person might not work for another. I’ve been using Beautycounter’s The Clean Deo in Coconut for close to six months now and I absolutely love it. But! My husband’s favorite might surprise you. Click HERE for his fave (it’s rated 2 on EWG so it gets my stamp of approval!)

I hope this helps inspire you to make the swap to safer deodorant this winter. It’s the perfect time to make the switch!