Oh, baby!

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Because I know not all of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I should start by saying that yesterday we made it internet official and announced that we are cautiously, hopefully anticipating the arrival of another little one in May.

It’s been an incredibly fearful first trimester, complete will tearful calls to the doctor, late night worrying and lots and lots of prayers. Maybe pleading would be a better way to describe my prayers? Lord, please deal kindly with us. Please have it be your will that we could welcome this little life into our family here on earth. Thank you for the gift of this pregnancy. Please forgive me for my fears, doubts and lack of trust.

There really are no words to truly explain how difficult this has been, yet how thankful and hopeful I feel. Pregnancy after a miscarriage is a uniquely fear-inducing experience, when you have no idea how your little one is doing in there, yet your heart is planning and preparing with every day that goes by.

Someone asked me after I announced if I would be able to share some of my tips for surviving the first trimester after experiencing pregnancy loss. Oh, dear friend, I wish I could share words of wisdom, but if you had been a fly on the wall of our house the last 10 weeks then you would know that I have no answers. I’ve been right there with you, scared and fearful and hoping for the best.

I recently learned during our most recent appointment that I’ll be treated like a normal OB patient. Nothing about me or my pregnancies seems normal to me, but I’m digesting what it will look like to go through a pregnancy without a thousand ultrasounds to reassure me every step of the way. To have everything look good enough to be considered normal is, of course, a blessing, but I have to admit that I do miss the added reassurance of seeing that little baby every couple of weeks like we did with Ainsley.

Since I know you’re a praying group, I’ll continue to ask for prayers of support and encouragement as we walk this road. Your prayers for the continued health and development of this baby would be so greatly appreciated.


A few other, lighter, questions that I’ve answered below:

How are you feeling?
Horrible! Or, I should say, typical. I’ve been sicker than I was with Ainsley, which is a little bit reassuring. I’ve been avoiding foods like coffee but haven’t had any really strong aversions other than sweet food almost always sounds horrible and I can’t stomach the idea of my daily smoothie that I used to love. I’ll eat anything slathered in salsa and sour cream and I’m still happy to eat vegetables, which is very welcome this time around!

How far along are you?
10 1/2 weeks

When are you due?
May 14th

Gender predictions?
None! And we don’t intend to find out this time around. 🙂

Maternity clothes?
Not yet! Although I’m counting it a miracle every day my non-maternity jeans still button. I have a feeling my days are limited.

I’ve been exercising, following the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme videos this trimester. I’ve still felt good enough to get in a workout most days, and I’ve also been getting lots of long walks in with Ainsley and Joe. Because of my fears during the first trimester, I’ve been choosing to stick with low impact workouts, doing some modifiers on the videos and completely giving up running and my weekend Cross Fit with Joe. I’ve missed really strenuous workouts and sweat sessions, but I’m happy to do it for this baby!