Hey, momma, get in front of that camera!

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about moms in front of the camera, or rather, moms who hate being in front of the camera. It’s no secret that a lot of moms spend time taking photos of their adorable kiddos, only to balk at the idea of actually being in those same photos with their kids.

I get it, I really do. There are times when the last thing I want to do is get in front of the camera and actually be in the photo. Whether it’s my messy hair or lack of makeup or unflattering clothes or the fear that, gasp!, I won’t look all dolled up and amazing, there are plenty of times when I shy away from being in the photo.

But here’s the thing, once I bite the bullet and hop in the picture, I’m so very glad I did. Whether it’s for a more formal and picture-appropriate reason or after a long day of work rocking my postpartum receding hairline I’m realizing it’s less about how I look in the photo and more about capturing the memories, both for myself and for Ainsley.



When Ainsley gets older, I want her to have plenty of photos of her with her momma. I want her to be able to look back and see the things we did together before she developed memories while she was very little. When Ainsley gets older I want to send a positive message to her about body image and confidence. If I’m always reluctant to be in the picture, what am I saying to her about my own self concept? That you need to look perfect to be in a photo? That how I look is more important than making and capturing memories? That I don’t like the way I look? None of those messages are messages that I want to send.

So, momma, next time you’re presented with the opportunity to take a photo with your kiddos, confidently hop into that photo. Capture those memories. Pass on a message of self confidence to those who look to you for guidance and advice. I think all our kiddos would take present over perfect any day.