Favorite Baby Items :: 6-9 Months

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1. Fisher-Price Baby Grand Piano
I bought one of these when Ainsley was around 4 months old and it’s been such a hit ever since! She continues to play with it at 9+ months and loves to stand, play with the keys and play music. It’s one of the least annoying music-making toys she has. 😉

2. VTech Sit to Stand Walker
We don’t have this exact version (we have an older one from a garage sale…) but Ainsley has really started taking to the walker in the last couple weeks and wants to go everywhere with it!

3. Nalgene Grip-and-Gulp Water Bottle
Ainsley is getting one of these for Christmas! She tried her cousin’s water bottle that was very similar and did well with the straw-type mechanism, so we’re hoping this will be a hit.

4. NeilMed Naspira Snot Sucker
I know everyone loves the Nose Freida, but when ours broke we bought one of these from Target and love it so much more! It functions both as a snot sucker (like the Nose Freida) AND as a bulb syringe. Plus, it seems easier to clean and more sanitary than the Nose Freida. Great for cleaning out those little noses when they have a cold!

5. Pony Tails Book
This is NOT a literary masterpiece, but Ainsley loves the soft, shiny and silky tails attached to this book. It’s a great distraction when we’re out and about and she gets fussy!

6. Zarabees Baby Immune Support
I’m not sure how well this works, but during cold and flu season, I like knowing that I’m at least doing something to help keep Ainsley healthy. We just recently started using it after Ainsley’s most recent cold, so I’ll report back! For now, it’s sure making me feel good giving it to her.

7. Old Navy Baby Clothes
This is our go-to place for baby clothes. They’re cute, durable and comfortable and they fit Ainsley really well. We have a Banana Republic credit card so we use our rewards dollars to buy Ainsley’s clothes, meaning we hardly ever pay for baby clothes and almost never pay full-price!

8. Similac Advance Formula
I put this in here becaues around 6 months we started feeding Ainsley exclusively formula and I get a lot of questions from people about what formula we use. We’ve been using Similac Advance since around 7 months and really had no complaints! I know there are cheaper formulas out there, but I figure it is only a year that she will be drinking formula, so we have continued to buy the name brand. We started with Similac Sensitive because I was worried formula would bother her tummy. Once I saw no tummy issues, we transitioned to Similac Advance and now get it shipped regularly from Amazon.

9. Bows from A Little Lady Shop
This is one for all the girl moms out there! We LOVE our bows from A Little Lady Shop. They are so well made and beautiful, and they come in lots of different patterns, colors and styles.

10. Kidscounter Shampoo, Bodywash and Conditioner
I can’t say enough wonderful things about the smell and quality of these kids products. They are all-natural and free of any harmful chemicals or additives. Did I mention they smell amazing? Sometimes I use them for myself, true story! Ainsley has fairly sensitive skin and has done really well with these products.

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