Emily Ley Simplified Planner Giveaway

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Emily Ley Planner
Happy Monday, friends! Today I’m so excited to share a giveaway with you that I have a feeling a lot of you will be excited about. My friend, Emily Ley, is one talented designer and is the creator of the Simplified Planner, also known as one of the best day planners around and my lifeblood to organization and order in the day-to-day.

Emily and I first connected over e-mail while we were both struggling with infertility; Emily and her hubby were trying to get pregnant with their second baby and we were trying to get pregnant with our first. I still remember e-mailing Emily the day we got our positive pregnancy test with Baby H only to receive an e-mail back from her the same day letting me know that they had just found out their IVF cycle was successful and they were pregnant with TWINS! It’s been so fun to follow along with Emily’s journey this past year, and I couldn’t be more excited for her to welcome little Caroline and Tyler into the world in a few short weeks.

As I myself and experiencing a season of change and unknowns I’ve been especially excited to crack open my 2015 Simplified Planner in an effort to set a handful of goals and intentions for the year ahead. If I let it be, the change swirling around me can feel incredibly unsettling, but taking a little time to think about the year ahead (with all of its uncertainty) and putting down a handful of goals and dreams on paper has proven to be very helpful. Will all of those goals and dreams come true this year? Probably not. But that certainly won’t stop me from having the courage to write them down!

2015 Bucket list


So, what’s that about a giveaway I mentioned earlier? Well, I’m giving away a 2015 Simplified Planner to one lucky reader. You can consider yourself extra lucky if you win this planner because Emily’s planners have been sold out since the fall when they were first released! I got my hands on my own when they first came out, and a second for one of you guys because I love them so much.

The giveaway will be open until Friday! See below for ways to enter…

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