27 Weeks

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I’m so sorry for the radio silence these last few weeks. Truth be told, a few other things have demanded my time and attention and I’ve been unable to devote any time to blogging. I’m hoping to resume a more normal schedule in the next month, but until then I appreciate your patience and understanding! 

How far along are you? 27 weeks 1 day Cravings? I think I may be one of the most boring pregnant women around when it comes to my eating. I’ve been eating pretty normal these last couple weeks. Meat continues to sound good as well as baked potatoes, green beans and fish. I’m pretty sure I’m never really going to have a sweet tooth during this pregnancy, which is fine by me! Weight Gain: At my 26 week appointment last week I was still holding steady at a weight gain of right around 16 pounds. I didn’t gain anything over the last couple weeks, so I’m really doing my best to eat more even when it don’t really feel like eating. The good news? We had our 26 week growth ultrasound and saw that our little one is measuring in the 66th percentile so even if I didn’t gain weight, our baby did! Fears: I haven’t had any real fears about this pregnancy over the past few weeks! We did see that our peanut has now moved into the breech position, but we have plenty of time for he/she to flip back down. Generally Feeling: I’ve been feeling really good lately as we enter into the 3rd trimester. I love seeing my belly grow and feeling kicks that are growing in strength and frequency. It really surprises me, but I’ve truly enjoyed being pregnant. Of course, I’m looking forward to not being pregnant eventually, but I had quite low expectations for pregnancy, which is why I think I’ve enjoyed the process so much. My only major complaint is that I’ve had quite a bit of groin pain, which has plagued me since week 17, making it difficult to exercise much without paying for it the next day. Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to the Christmas season and being pregnant in the month of December! We have almost all our Christmas shopping done and our Christmas cards have been sent out, leaving plenty of time to just soak up the holiday season and do plenty of holiday baking. What I’ve Been Loving: I continue to love seeing my stomach get bigger and bigger. I’m just starting to feel a little slower and less agile than in the past, but for the most part it’s just plain fun to see the belly grow. 
Maternity Clothes? Yes! At this point I’m wearing almost 100% maternity clothes. And some of Joe’s clothes, too! They’re just so much more comfortable for lounging around the house. 
Boy or Girl: Keeping it a surprise until March!